Your quarter 1 2022 round-up
Caoimhe Bermingham
Staff Writer

As the first quarter of 2022 draws to a close, we have decided to take a look back on the biggest news and announcements seen between January and March.

We’re only a few months into 2022 and already there have been some big changes happening in the Irish market for energy, broadband, banking, and insurance

Some of these changes have been welcomed while others have been opposed for the challenges they bring to people's lives. 

From Revolut becoming a bank and offering attractive interest rates on personal loans, to the never-ending price hikes from energy suppliers, there’s been a lot going on. 


The world of energy has gone through some huge changes, from price increases to companies leaving the market. 

We looked at the big stories and even made some useful guides to help you lower your energy bill costs. 

Broadband, TV and Phone

There were new broadband deals announced, companies expanding into the mobile market, and price increases for streaming services.

See what you’ve missed and read our guide on how to save money on your broadband. 


Quarter 1 was dominated by car insurance-related news as the price of buying and servicing a car increased. 

We also published some guides that provided a greater insight into home and life insurance queries. 


The past 3 months alone have seen quite a few developments in the world of banking that are sure to affect many people. 

These are the top stories of 2022 so far: 

Personal Finance

The beginning of the year saw inflation rise dramatically nationwide. Dubbed by many as the cost of living crisis, we have seen price increases across everyday expenses such as food, energy and transport costs. 


For those wanting to buy energy-efficient homes, quarter 1 saw a series of positive announcements regarding green mortgage rates. 

In contrast, standard mortgage rates fluctuated during this period, to discover more about these topics read our articles and guides below.

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The cost of living in Ireland increased throughout the first quarter of 2022, especially in relation to gas and electricity prices which put a big financial strain on Irish households. 

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