Bank of Ireland announces cut to green mortgage offering
Sarah Rigney
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Bank of Ireland has announced that it is cutting the interest rate on its four-year fixed-rate 'green' mortgage, which will appeal to those seeking to buy energy-efficient properties.

We’re all taking the necessary steps to conserve energy and do our bit for the planet. For mortgage seekers, this desire may even extend to searching for an energy-efficient home. 

That’s where green mortgages come in. This type of mortgage rewards you with a better mortgage rate for opting to purchase an energy-efficient property. 

There are green mortgages on offer from numerous lenders in Ireland, and Bank of Ireland is no exception. In fact, the lender has just announced a cut to its already-competitive green fixed mortgage rate.

Here we take a look at what’s on offer from Bank of Ireland (BOI), but before we jump in let’s have a recap on what a green mortgage is.

What is a green mortgage?

Green mortgages offer a lower interest rate to those who are buying a more energy-efficient home. The lower interest rates is an incentive for homeowners to buy a home with a higher Building Energy Rating (BER).

Usually, to qualify for a green mortgage, you need to purchase a home with a BER of at least B3 or higher. 

You can learn more about what a green mortgage is in this guide.

What’s on offer from Bank of Ireland?

Having launched Ireland’s first green mortgage in 2019, Bank of Ireland came out with a new competitive fixed-rate green mortgage in October last year for those looking to buy an energy-efficient home. The bank offered a four-year fixed-rate of just 2%.

Now the lender is further reducing this competitive rate by 0.10% to just 1.90% - the lowest in Ireland.

The four-year fixed-rate is available for new customers borrowing €250,000 or more and who are buying or building a home with a Building Energy Rating (BER) of B3 to A1.

As well as reducing its green four-year fixed-rate, BOI is also cutting its four-year fixed-rate High-Value Mortgage by 0.10%. This will decrease from 2.30% to 2.20%. Similarly to the green rate, mortgage seekers must be looking to borrow at least €250,000 to avail of this rate.

Energy-efficient homes

Green mortgages have proven to be a popular choice for BOI customers, and they accounted for around 35% of the bank’s mortgage lending in 2021.

Speaking about the new rates, Alan Hartley, Director of Home Buying at Bank of Ireland said:

Homes that are easier to heat and keep warm are good for your pocket and good for the environment. Encouraging customers to make these choices is one of the clearest ways that Bank of Ireland can support the transition to a low carbon future.”

The future of the Irish mortgage market 

Bank of Ireland’s decision to cut certain mortgage rates has come as somewhat of a surprise, albeit a good one. 

Last week, ICS Mortgages also made an announcement regarding rates, however the non-bank lender increased a variety of fixed rates instead. This move sparked concern that more lenders would increase interest rates. 

There is talk of the European Central Bank increasing its key lending rate by the end of the year due to the current global rates of inflation. However, any interest rate increases are likely to be small and gradual. 

You can learn more about inflation and the prospect of rising interest rates in this blog.

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