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    What’s more, we’re the only website in Ireland that allows you to compare prices and switch providers across a range of services, such as:

    • Gas and Electricity Deals
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    • Insurance Providers

    This means you can save on all of your household bills in one place.

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    Believe it or not, is entirely free.

    We have commercial deals in place with our suppliers.

    This means that we receive a commission payment if you choose to switch or apply for a product through our website.

    The agreements we have with these providers don’t affect the results we show you or the prices you see.

    This is because is always 100% impartial and independent!

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      Did you know that is accredited by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU), Ireland’s independent energy regulator, as an independent provider of energy price comparisons.

      Bonkers Money Limited, trading as, is also regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, meaning all the information you see on our website is accurate and impartial.

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        At, we’re proud to be Irish.

        Our company was founded in Ireland, our staff all work in Ireland, and we are now proud to display the Guaranteed Irish logo on our website.

        It also means that we’re supporting Irish jobs, and the money we make stays right here in Ireland, which helps support the Irish economy.

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          Trusted by Ireland’s top providers

          As is accredited by the CRU and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland, suppliers and lenders can trust us to provide customers with accurate, up to date and impartial information regarding their services and deals.

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            Prices quoted are determined by your preference and eligibility. Energy savings are based on an average household consuming 4,200 kWh electricity and 11,000 kWh gas per year. Broadband cost is quoted as price per month and may include time-limited discounts.

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