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The Commission for Regulation of Utilities Accreditation is awarded to domestic energy price comparison services that meet a series of standards designed to make switching energy providers as transparent, impartial and as straightforward as possible for consumers.

The CRU’s standards are as rigorous as any in Europe and require that price comparison services provide accurate results and remain impartial and independent of all energy suppliers.

To maintain accreditation, price comparison services must submit to regular monitoring and an annual audit to ensure that the CRU’s high standards continue to be met.

The CRU’s Accreditation Framework is a voluntary code of practice designed to provide assurance to consumers that the service they are using is accurate, results are displayed in a fair manner, and the service is impartial and transparent.

At bonkers.ie we’re proud to display the CRU’s accreditation on our site.

bonkers.ie became the first energy price comparison service in Ireland to be awarded Accreditation by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities in March 2012 . The company's Accreditation has been renewed every year since, most recently in January 2017.

bonkers.ie achieves Accreditation renewal

In January 2017, the results of the latest Accreditation audit were released by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities. The results confirmed that bonkers.ie continues to meet the strict Principles of Compliance demanded by the CRU.

To maintain Accreditation, websites are tested across a wide range of criteria, and must demonstrate that they are impartial, independent, accurate, up-to-date, easy to use and include all publicly available tariffs offered by licensed energy suppliers.

In the words of our Managing Director David Kerr: “We are delighted that the CRU has confirmed our Accreditation again for 2017. We take this Accreditation extremely seriously because it means that consumers can be confident that the calculations provide by bonkers.ie have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they are accurate."

Here’s what the Commission for Regulation of Utilities has to say about their Accreditation Framework

A website providing an energy price comparison service is only accredited by the CRU if it meets defined standards for accuracy, transparency, impartiality and reliability. An accredited site will also be audited at least annually by the CRU to ensure that it continues to provide a high standard of service.

The accreditation system provided by the CRU can provide energy customers with the confidence to use price comparison websites, assisting them in comparing tariff offers and getting the best tariff deal.


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