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bonkers.ie searches all major Life Insurance providers on the market to find the lowest quote for you, based on your individual requirements.

We can help you to save money on your Mortgage Protection premium by comparing policies on the market and presenting you with the cheapest option. We can also help you to sign up to a new plan.

Using bonkers.ie to find an Income Protection policy can save you money on your premium, and the process is very straightforward. Start by comparing policies that are currently available and, once you have your quote, we can help you sign up to a new policy.

bonkers.ie can also help you lower your Serious Illness Cover premium. By searching insurance policies offered by all of Ireland’s major life insurance providers, we can find the best policy for you.

bonkers.ie compares insurance policies offered by all of Ireland’s major Life Insurance providers, including Royal London, Aviva, New Ireland and Friends First.

bonkers.ie can help you lower your Health Insurance premium by conducting a personal review of your requirements and providing unique advice for your personal circumstances.

Life insurance, mortgage protection insurance and serious illness cover give you the peace of mind that your loved ones will be secure should something happen to you.

Insurance policies can be complicated with a range of features across many providers, and it can be difficult to know which policy is right for you. With our simple calculators and quote tools, you can compare life insurance, mortgage protection, and serious illness across insurers and get a quote in minutes. With our Health Insurance service, you can get expert personal health insurance advice for a fixed fee of just €125.


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