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How do I compare gas and electricity prices?

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Comparing energy suppliers has never been easier. With around a dozen energy suppliers in Ireland now offering a range of single fuel and dual fuel plans, there are plenty of great offers to choose from. To compare gas and electricity prices just follow these three simple steps.

1. Grab a bill and fill in our form

Grab a recent energy bill and head to our energy price comparison calculator and complete the form.    

To begin, we’ll need to know your current energy supplier and whether your electricity supply region is urban or rural. This information is important as rural standing charges are more expensive than urban ones and may affect the price you see on screen.

The next step is letting us know whether you have an electricity NightSaver Meter installed. A NightSaver meter records electricity use both during the day and at night time, and charges discounted rates for night-time usage. Different tariff results are calculated based on whether you have a meter installed in your home.

Then tell us the name of the current tariff you’re on as well as a good estimate of your energy use in either kWh or euro. This information is fully available on your energy bill, or alternatively, you can get in contact with your energy supplier who will provide all the information hassle-free over the phone.

If you’re a first-time buyer you can fill out this easy-to-use form and your house will be treated as a new connection.

2. Review your results

After completing the form you’ll be brought to the results page, where the complete list of deals will be available for you to examine in more depth.

Deals are displayed in order of total price, with the cheapest appearing first. And when we say total price, we mean total price. The price you see on screen includes all of the additional fees and taxes that get tagged on to energy bills, so no need to waste time on any unnecessary calculations.

You’ll be able to see how much money each deal will save you and if you’re concerned about the finer details, by selecting ‘see detail’, you'll be privy to the exact features of each price plan, down to the basic charges per kWh, including and excluding tax, the fuel mix and other plan features. 

If you’re 'keen for green' then the option to search for strictly green energy deals is available too!

How to compare

3. Make the switch

If you’re happy with your savings then simply click ‘proceed’ and fill in your details. You can find out what you’ll need to switch here.

In short you will need: your MPRN and GPRN, found on your energy bills; a recent electricity and/or gas meter reading; an estimate of how much energy you use, and your bank account details.

Your new supplier will then begin processing your switch and you’ll be up and running in no time. And the best bit is that you don’t have to worry about your supply being affected in any way during the switchover process. Energy suppliers do this type of thing every day!

Comparing energy suppliers has truly never been easier with We take the hard work out of finding you the best deals. Make the switch and save hundreds on your household energy bills today!

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