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Managing household expenses can be tough - especially when it seems like the cost of living is always going up. The great news is that we’ve got a quick, easy and hassle-free way for you to save €320 on your annual energy bills in just a few clicks.

Our energy price comparison calculator is free, 100% impartial, and accurate and compares all deals across all suppliers to reveal the very best options for you in terms of price and value.

So if the thought of hunting for the best offer gives you a headache - rest easy. takes care of the hard work for you.

Never overpay on a bill again with is accredited by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities as an impartial, accurate and independent supplier of energy price comparisons.

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Why should I use to compare energy suppliers? provides the most comprehensive gas and electricity price comparison service in Ireland.

Whether you’re looking for the cheapest gas and electricity prices, the lowest unit rates, or the biggest discounts, helps you compare gas and electricity prices and switch to a cheaper supplier in a matter of minutes.

Energy prices in Ireland are rising and the best electricity and gas rates are available to customers who switch energy suppliers. compares energy deals from all gas and electricity providers in Ireland. is Guaranteed Irish™ and accredited by the Commission for Energy Regulation as an independent supplier of energy price comparisons.

How can I reduce my gas and electricity bills?

There are two ways to save money on your energy bills:

  1. Pay less for your energy by switching to a cheaper energy supplier
  2. Use less energy by monitoring your consumption

Switching suppliers is the easiest way to save money. Most of Ireland’s energy suppliers offer discounted rates to new gas and electricity customers as a sign-up incentive. However, these deals usually expire after 12 months. At this stage, if you don’t switch, your supplier will revert your plan to standard pricing and you’ll pay more for the exact same service.

So, if you remember to switch suppliers every year, you’ll ensure that you’re always on a discounted rate, which means you’ll never pay over the odds and you’ll always get the very best value for your money. No brainer, right?

You can save €320 a year on your energy costs just by comparing and switching your gas and electricity suppliers every year.

Another way to lower your energy bills is to consume less. You can do this by figuring out which appliances in your home use the most gas and electricity and then looking for ways to reduce your consumption.

Which appliances use the most electricity?

Electricity is charged per kilowatt hour or kWh. 1 kWh is the amount of energy used by a 1kW electric appliance for 1 hour. Your electricity bill will show you the price you’re being charged per kWh.

The table below shows how much usage you can get out of certain appliances before consuming 1 kWh of electricity.

Appliance Usage
Electric shower 7-10 mins
Immersion water heater 7-10 mins
Cooker (1 large ring) 20-40 mins
Kettle 20-40 mins
Tumble Dryer 20-40 mins
Washing machine 70-100 mins
Dishwasher 70-100 mins
Desktop computer and monitor 70-100 mins

What are the national average consumption figures for electricity and gas?

The national average annual consumption figures for electricity and gas per Irish household are 4,200 kWh and 11,000 kWh respectively.

* Terms and conditions apply. Savings figures quoted are determined by your preferences and eligibility. Energy savings based on an average household consuming 4,200 kWh electricity and 11,000 kWh gas per year.

How to compare gas and electricity prices?

Comparing gas and electricity prices is easy with Just use our energy price comparison calculator and enter some information about your existing price plan, your average energy usage, and how you like to pay your bills. You’ll then be presented with a list of all of the deals available to you, presented in order of total price. And by total price, we mean total price - including all of the additional fees and taxes that get tagged on to energy bills.

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