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Best Electricity Supplier and Gas Supplier Offers

Finding the cheapest electricity supplier and cheapest gas supplier is easy with You can quickly compare electricity prices and gas prices in Ireland for all providers including Bord Gáis Energy, Electric Ireland, Energia, Flogas Natural Gas, Panda Power, SSE Airtricity, and specialist Pay As You Go prepayment electricity providers including Pinergy and PrePayPower. Use to switch electricity tariff and switch gas tariff and save money on your home energy bills.

The best electricity prices and gas prices for you will depend on your region, how you pay your bill and whether you manage your account online. Irish energy suppliers have introduced dual fuel tariffs which offer additional discounts off home energy costs for customers that have their electricity and gas with the same company. Even if you don't have a mains gas supply, you can still save more than 10% on your electricity bills by switching to the cheapest supplier.

To get the most accurate electricity price comparison, it helps to have a recent bill. Just use comparison form to tell us how much you spend, how you pay your bill, whether you have a NightSaver meter and your current electricity tariff. We keep all unit rates up to date and will calculate your electricity savings for you, show you the cheapest supplier, and best of all, you can switch electricity provider and switch gas provider through is a free-to-consumer, impartial online comparison and switching service which helps you to compare Broadband, Phone & TV bundles, Gas & Electricity prices, Mortgages, Savings Accounts, Current Accounts, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, Prepaid Money Cards. Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Serious Illness Cover policies Our mission is to help you take advantage of the best prices and services on offer from Irish suppliers. is accredited by the Commission for Energy Regulation as an impartial, accurate and independent supplier of energy price comparisons.

Terms & Conditions apply. Savings figures quoted are determined by your preferences and eligibility. Energy savings based on an average household consuming 5,300kWh electricity and 13,800kWh gas.