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An Post is increasing the price of a standard as well as an international stamp for the second time in less than a year.

Bad news for all the philatelists and letter writers out there as An Post has announced yet another increase in the price of a stamp, which will come into effect from 1st March.

The price of a stamp for a standard letter or postcard will increase by 15 cent to €1.25, or by almost 14%.

The price increase comes at a time of rising inflation, which is currently at a 20-year high of 5.5%. 

An Post only raised the price of a stamp by 10 cent last May. 

The cost of sending a standard international letter is also set to rise by another 20c to €2.20.

An Post claims the cost of postage here is still below the European average, especially when adjusted for income levels. It says the average price of a national stamp across 14 European Union countries and the UK is €1.58, while the comparable worldwide price is €2.27.

In better news, there will be a price freeze until the end of 2022 on the €11 consumer booklet of ten stamps (a saving of 15c per stamp). 

An Post stamp price May 2020 May 2021 March 2022
Letter €1.00 €1.10 €1.25
International €1.70 €2.00 €2.20

Why now?

Up until last May, An Post hadn't increased the price of a stamp for around four years.

However extra costs incurred due to the Covid pandemic, and now sharp price inflation across transport, fuel and energy, which An Post says is increasing the cost of providing national and international postal services, has led to hefty price increases. 

However, CEO of An Post, David McRedmond has defended the move.

While these increases are essential to cover rising costs, and ensure service continuity on a par with the very best in Europe, we will mitigate the impact on SMEs by increasing discounts available to them, while freezing the price of the ten-stamp booklet for consumers and offering regular price promotions.  

An Post also says its service is consistently rated amongst the best in Europe and unlike many other postal companies, which suspended services during the pandemic, An Post maintained services throughout, supporting both personal and business customers.

What's more, An Post’s Community Focus supports, including free postage to and from nursing homes, and free newspaper delivery for older customers, will remain indefinitely, while ‘Check-Ins’ by postal delivery staff on older, vulnerable or isolated customers living alone are now a standard part of An Post’s service nationally. 

Will older stamps still be accepted?


Any existing National ‘N’ rate stamps will automatically represent the new €1.25 postage rate while Worldwide ‘W’ stamps will cover the new €2.20 international letter rate.

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