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Use our mortgage comparison to find the best interest rates

Our mortgage calculator can help you find the smallest repayment for your biggest investment

Use our mortgage calculator to find the best interest rates. Get the smallest repayment for your biggest investment. Try it now!

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How to find the lowest Mortgage rates in Ireland

The bonkers.ie mortgage calculator allows you to compare mortgages and switch mortgage providers

  1. Visit bonkers.ie and go to the Mortgage Calculator page, and enter your property value, loan value and term
  2. You will be shown a list of all available options in order of repayment rate
  3. Proceed to apply with a bank or choose to speak to a mortgage broker (under no obligation)

Why should you use the bonkers.ie mortgage calculator?

bonkers.ie provides the most comprehensive mortgage comparison and switching service in Ireland.

Whether you're a first-time buyer, looking to switch mortgages or shopping for a buy-to-let property, the bonkers.ie mortgage repayment calculator can help you find the best mortgage rates available in Ireland and calculate how much your monthly repayments will cost.

With our mortgage calculator, you can compare variable interest rates and fixed interest rates and speak to a qualified mortgage broker about switching or applying for a new loan.

With numerous competitive switching incentives on offer and falling variable rates, an increasing number of borrowers are choosing to switch mortgages to get a better rate.

bonkers.ie compares mortgages from all of Ireland’s major financial institutions, including AIB, Bank of Ireland, EBS, Haven, ICS, KBC Bank, Mortgage Store, Permanent TSB, Ulster Bank.


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