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PrePayPower.ie Standard Gas

Paperless billing | Pre-payment meter Contract length: 1 year

The annual standing and prepayment charges are split up over the course of the year and charged at a daily rate.

12 months contract, If you cease to take gas from PrePayPower.ie before the expiry of the contract term, a €50 (incl. VAT) exit fee per fuel will be applied to your account.
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This tariff is available to new customers of PrePayPower.ie


Paperless Billing

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Gas Charges

  • 5.414 cent per kWh
  • €95.33 standing charge
  • €73.79 prepayment service charge

Fuel Mix:

Carbon Dioxide Emmissions:

367 kg CO2 per MWh.
National average is 393 kg CO2 per MWh

Source: Commission for Regulation of Utilities

Prices shown include VAT at 13.5% unless indicated otherwise. Click the appropriate icon to see prices excluding VAT.

Payment Method


This is a pre-payment tariff which means you will not receive a bill, you simply top up your meter as you need to, much like a pay-as-you-go mobile phone.

Security Deposit

All new customers who avail of this 18% discount must pay a deposit of €150. This deposit will be refunded to you on safe return of the PrePayPower meter.

Find out how much you can save by comparing your bills

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The Commission for Regulation of Utilities assists energy customers by providing information and resolving complaints.
For more information visit www.cru.ie/home/customer-care/


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