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Serious illness cover gives you peace of mind that you’ll receive financial support if you’re diagnosed with a serious illness during the term of your policy. However many people are paying more than they need to.

Our serious illness comparison service lets you easily compare prices and benefits from Ireland’s main insurance providers and is free, easy-to-use, 100% impartial and accurate.

Whether you’d like a single policy, a joint policy, or additional benefits like indexation, we’ll search a wide range of policies across multiple insurers and produce a quote for you in just seconds.

What is serious illness cover?

Serious illness cover pays out a tax-free lump sum in the event that you’re diagnosed with an illness that is specifically covered under your policy. Serious Illness cover can be purchased as standalone cover or combined with life cover or mortgage protection under the one policy.

How much does serious illness cover cost per month?

The cost of your policy will depend on several factors such as the level of cover you choose and your age and health status. Smokers will also pay more for cover than non smokers. Use our serious illness comparison service to find out the price of cover for you.

What does a serious illness policy cover?

Not all policies will cover the same illnesses and in many cases common illness such as back injury and treatable cancers aren’t covered. Your insurer will only pay out if you’re diagnosed with one of the specific illnesses or disabilities that your policy covers.

What is indexation?

Indexation, sometimes referred to as inflation protection, allows your cover to increase by a certain percentage every year. The advantage of this is that it keeps your benefits in line with inflation. Indexation is an optional extra that comes at an additional cost and will see your premium increase each year also.

What is convertible term cover?

Convertible term cover allows you to extend the term of your cover at any point over the course of your policy without having to undergo additional medical underwriting. Convertible policies are usually more expensive than non-convertible policies.


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