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Compare Business Gas and Electricity Suppliers

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Why should I switch business energy suppliers?

Switching business energy suppliers costs a business both time and money, and energy plans can oftentimes be confusing to understand. By switching with we’ll make sure your energy needs are managed effectively, freeing up time and resources and ensuring you never overpay on a bill again.

When it comes to switching business energy suppliers our qualified energy consultants have years of experience and have acquired valuable insight into the commercial energy market, perfectly understanding the needs of our business customers.

A business's energy needs are never static, that’s why along with getting you the best tariffs on the market, our specialists will continually monitor and assess your energy consumption over the course of your contract making sure you’re always on the most cost-effective plan.

What does my business need to switch?

To switch business energy supplier all you will need are four things:

  1. Company name and name of contact
  2. Email address
  3. Mobile phone number
  4. Sample bill

How does switching work for business customers?

Switching business energy suppliers has never been simpler, all you have to do is fill in our business energy form to request a call back from one of our specialist energy consultants who will be in contact within 24 hours.

When filling out your contact information you have the option of uploading a sample bill which helps us to calculate potential savings. But if you don’t have this information to hand don’t worry as we can arrange to get this at a later time.

Once one of our trained energy consultants gets in contact and receives the relevant information from you, they will then begin a full energy comparison on your behalf across all suppliers. Once this is complete they will provide you with a tailored energy plan laying out all the options open to your business, along with the potential savings.

How much could I save by switching business energy?

By switching business energy tariffs we could help save your business up to 20% in operating costs, meaning you’ll never have to overpay on a utility bill again.

Will my business supply be interrupted?

When switching energy suppliers with your business will never go without power.

Once one of our consultants has found the right plan for you and receives the go-ahead to make the switch on your behalf they will then proceed to coordinate between both old and new suppliers, making sure your new plan begins as the old one finishes. That way your energy supply will never be interrupted.

Why is expert help necessary when changing business energy suppliers?

When changing suppliers many businesses simply underestimate the time it takes to research all the relevant information that is required to switch to an energy plan that’s suitable for a business’s unique needs. With your energy information one of our experienced energy specialists can fast-track your comparison and can help to get your tariffs changed over in no time.

Business energy tariffs also differ greatly from domestic ones in that the rates are oftentimes much more difficult to understand, proving to be quite time-intensive for businesses not used to the language. Your business needs a specialist with the insight who can cut through the jargon to make sure your energy consumption needs are met, and at a fraction of the price.

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