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Our mortgage protection comparison service lets you easily compare prices from Ireland’s main insurance providers and is free, easy-to-use, and impartial.

Whether you’d like a single policy, a joint policy, or a policy with added benefits like serious illness cover, we’ll search a wide range of policies across multiple insurers and produce a quote for you in just seconds. And when it’s time to buy, you can apply online on our site in just minutes and we’ll stay with you right through until your policy has issued.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mortgage protection?

Mortgage protection is a form of life insurance which pays off the outstanding balance on your mortgage should you die before the mortgage is fully repaid. It is generally compulsory for all mortgage holders in Ireland.

Why do I need mortgage protection?

Mortgage lenders will require that you take out mortgage protection or life insurance before they’ll allow you to draw down your mortgage. This is because they want assurance that the loan will be fully paid off in the unlikely event of your death during the term of the mortgage.

How much does mortgage protection cost per month?

The cost of mortgage protection will depend on several factors such as the size of your mortgage, your age and health status, and whether you want single life cover for just you, or joint life cover for you and your partner for example.

Smokers will also pay more for cover than non smokers. Just use our free mortgage protection comparison service to find the price of cover for you in minutes right now.

What’s the difference between mortgage protection and life insurance?

Life insurance pays out a lump sum should you die during the term of the policy. This sum remains constant and with indexation can increase each year to help keep up with inflation.

With mortgage protection, the lump sum decreases each year to broadly match the outstanding balance on your mortgage. This means it tends to be cheaper than life insurance.

Do I need mortgage protection if I already have life insurance?

Generally, mortgage protection is designed to pay off your mortgage if you die, not to provide a cash sum to your dependants. So you’ll usually need separate life insurance to provide a cash lump sum if you have a dependent family.

You can, if you want, use an existing life policy for mortgage protection by assigning it to your mortgage provider, so long as the amount you’re insured for is at least equal to the value of your mortgage and it runs for the same term. Should you die before the life insurance policy ends, the mortgage will be cleared and the balance paid to your dependants.

Do I have to take out mortgage protection through my bank?

By law you’re under no obligation to take out mortgage protection with the same lender or bank that is giving you your mortgage.

Banks and lenders will usually try to sell you their own mortgage protection prior to you drawing down your mortgage loan. However banks are tied to a sole life insurer and can offer you one just price for mortgage protection. Here at we compare prices across multiple insurers to find the best cover for your needs. And when it’s time to buy, you can apply online on our site in just minutes and we’ll stay with you right through until your policy has issued.

In addition our dedicated team of in-house insurance specialists can arrange cover for mortgage protection in as little as one hour in some cases so there is no need to worry about any impact or delay using us might have on your mortgage application or drawdown date.

How to compare mortgage protection policies in Ireland

Comparing mortgage protection policies is easy with

Just fill in some simple details such as your age, the amount of cover you want, and the term the policy should run for using our online comparison service, and we'll compare policies from Ireland's main providers and produce a quote for you in just seconds.

You can then apply online with us. Our in-house insurance specialists will look after you right until your policy has issued and in some cases we can get your policy live in less than an hour!

Can I switch my mortgage protection policy?

If you’re already paying for mortgage protection insurance you can switch your policy at any time with as you are not tied into any contract with your insurer.

Mortgage protection premiums have decreased considerably over the last five to 10 years, so you could be overpaying on your existing policy.

At our size means we can offer deep discounts so allow us to compare the market on your behalf and start making you a saving today.

If I quit smoking will my mortgage protection premium be reviewed by my insurer?

If you’ve been off cigarettes for at least one year, including nicotine replacement therapies, you can usually apply for non-smoker rates with your insurer. However you may be asked to take a cotinine test to prove you’re no longer smoking.

If I pay back my mortgage early, can I cancel my mortgage protection policy?

Yes – but you’ll have to let your insurer know you want to cancel the policy early as it usually won’t be done automatically.

However you can also choose to continue with your mortgage protection policy, meaning if you were to die before the end of the original term, any remaining benefit would be paid out to your estate, instead of being used to pay off your mortgage.