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    Here’s why you should use to compare health insurance plans can help you to find the best health insurance plan in Ireland for your specific requirements. We can provide you with a whole-of-market health insurance comparison for just €150 and help you to find the best plan on the market.

    Ireland's healthcare system can seem complex, but can provide you with health insurance quotes and help you to decide whether or not private health insurance is right for you. compares plans offered by health insurance companies such as Irish Life Health, Laya Healthcare and Vhi.

    We are a regulated, impartial and secure service meaning that you can rest assured that our information is up-to-date, accurate and reliable.

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      Why is this a fee-based service?

      Health insurance is the only comparison service we provide that comes with a fee. There are so many health insurance providers and policies out there (over 365 in fact!) that it’s virtually impossible to carry out a simple like-for-like comparison, as we do with electricity for example.

      To find the best policy for you, we need to learn a bit about your specific requirements and your existing policy, if you have one.

      So, we carry out a review of your current policy over the phone, at a time that suits you. The entire consultation process costs €150, and is payable at the start of the review call.

      The fee won’t change, regardless of how many conversations and phonecalls we end up having. It’s a once-off fee, which will almost certainly be quickly offset once we get you up and running on a better-value policy.

      The majority of health insurance providers don’t pay commission, meaning that traditional brokering services don’t give you a whole-of-market comparison. That’s where we’re different!

      Thanks to our partnership with, we can guarantee impartiality and a whole-of-market view, meaning that if there’s a better policy out there for you, we will find it!

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        Why should I switch health insurance providers?

        Health insurance provides protection and peace of mind should you become unwell.

        However, prices have been increasing in recent years and it is estimated that 75% of Irish people with health insurance are potentially overpaying by 35% every year! Many customers are on the wrong plan for their specific requirements too.

        That’s where we come in!

        Switching to the right policy for you is easy with and the good news is that you can keep full credit gained from your previous policy so you don’t have to re-serve waiting periods.

        Unlike traditional brokering services, we guarantee complete impartiality and a whole-of-market view.

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          How to compare health insurance

          Visit and go to Compare Health Insurance and enter details of your existing health insurance plan.

          • An expert health insurance adviser will contact you to arrange an over-the-phone consultation.
          • A comprehensive fact find will be conducted and you will be provided with recommended health insurance plans for just €150. Pick your new plan and enjoy your savings.
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          How does it work?

          Whether you are applying for health insurance for the first time or looking to switch policies, we can help you.

          Once you fill out a short contact form, we will put you in touch with an expert health insurance adviser who will conduct a full review of your specific requirements and existing policy, if you have one. The consultation is carried out over the phone at a time that suits you and costs a once-off fee of €150.

          Many of Ireland's health insurance providers don’t pay commission fees, meaning that traditional brokers don’t provide you with every option on the market.

          However, thanks to our partnership with, we can guarantee an impartial whole-of-market view, meaning that if there’s a better policy out there for you, we will find it for you.

          You are under no obligation to accept our recommendations or to change your cover. Whilst you will ultimately decide which option is right for you, we will ensure that you have full information across all providers so you can make a fully-informed decision.

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