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Why should I use to compare prepaid credit cards?

Searching for the right type of prepaid card for you can be tough, especially when there are so many different providers, fees, and benefits to consider.

This is where we step in. At we can remove the stress of comparing prepaid cards with our prepaid card comparison tool.

Within seconds you can compare the card features and charges available on the market. Review prepaid credit cards from a whole range of providers, such as Revolut, N26, Swirl, 3 mobile, Neteller, and Skrill.

Best of all, our service is free, easy-to-use, 100% impartial and accurate.

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Looking for more information?

Here you’ll find answers to the most common questions about the services offered on our site.

How do I compare prepaid credit cards?

Comparing prepaid credit cards is easy with Just use our online comparison service to quickly compare the different fees, charges, and card features across a range of providers and find the card that's right for you in minutes.

How does a prepaid credit card work?

A prepaid credit card works much like a gift card. Money is loaded onto the card in advance by the customer and then any money spent is deducted from the balance. There’s no ability to spend beyond your means or to get into debt.

Unlike gift cards, prepaid credit cards can be used in millions of locations worldwide just like a normal credit card.

What’s the difference between a prepaid card and a credit card?

The money you spend on a prepaid card is money that you have uploaded onto the card in advance. You will only be able to spend the amount of money in the account, however, with a credit card you may not have a limit. This is because with a credit card the money you spend is borrowed from your provider. You could get into debt and then be charged high rates of interest.

Often a prepaid car may still have a credit card logo on it such as a Visa or Mastercard logo, which can be confusing for cardholders. However, the money on a prepaid card is not borrowed money, while on a credit card it is.

What fees apply to a prepaid credit card?

Unlike a credit card, you can’t fall into debt and be charged interest on a prepaid credit card. However, prepaid credit cards are still subject to fees but they will depend on the provider and card type.

Prepaid credit cards may have some, or all, of the following fees:

  • A one-off upfront charge for purchasing the card
  • A top-up charge which is applied when you load money onto your card
  • A purchase fee on anything you buy
  • A €5 Government stamp duty charge
  • An ATM charge which is applied when you withdraw money
  • A non-use fee may be applied if you do not use your card for a certain period of time.

A non-use fee may be applied if you do not use your card for a certain period of time.

In general, no credit checks apply to prepaid credit cards as you're not getting access to any credit - you're only spending money that's already been loaded onto your card.

However there may be limits to the amount of money you can load onto your card and for anti-money laundering reasons, you may have to provide proof of address and identity once you go above a certain amount.
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