Your quarter 2 2022 recap
Caoimhe Bermingham
Staff Writer

As we approach the end of quarter 2 of 2022, we reflect on the main stories and announcements that have hit headlines in recent months.

As quarter 2 draws to a close, we decided to take a look back at the main events and stories we covered here at in recent months.

There have been a number of significant stories in relation to energy, broadband, banking, and insurance markets, so why not grab a cup of tea, sit back and catch up on any news you may have missed?


As electricity prices hit record highs in Ireland, we explored what this means for Irish consumers and Ireland’s renewable energy options going forward. 

Broadband, TV and Phone

Quarter 2 saw the arrival of a new streaming service to our shores, an increase in broadband prices, and the announcement of some sizzling summer deals from suppliers. 


Often in times of financial strain, insurance may be the first expense you consider cutting back on.

To ensure you remain protected from the unexpected, we launched several insurance Quickstart Guide series this quarter to help you find cover that suits you for the right cost. 


With the impending exit of both KBC and Ulster Bank, there has been a lot of activity within the banking industry in recent months. 

Personal Finance

The ‘cost of living crisis’ and ‘inflation’ dominated the headlines throughout this period.

In light of the growing pressure on the Government to implement measures to alleviate the pressure consumers are under, we took a look back at our top personal finance stories in recent months. 


Although the ECB are set to increase interest rates this July, the last few months saw some lenders opting to raise their rates prematurely. 

This decision has caused unease within the mortgage market with mortgage holders and applicants scrambling to sign up for fixed mortgage rates before rates increase.

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With the cost of living crisis ongoing, many households nationwide are reviewing their spending habits in an effort to save money. 

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