SSE latest energy supplier to announce a price hike
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

The latest price increase from SSE Airtricity marks its fourth increase in the space of just 12 months.

SSE Airtricity is the latest supplier in Ireland to announce a considerable price increase for its energy customers.

The supplier will increase its standard electricity prices by a considerable 30.3% and its standard gas prices by a whopping 39%.

Coming into effect from May 1st, the price hike will affect over 300,000 gas and electricity customers combined.

However SSE isn't increasing its standing charge on gas or electricity, unlike Bord Gáis Energy and Electric Ireland.

Several energy suppliers have increased their prices since the start of 2022, including Bord Gáis Energy, Energia, Electric Ireland, PrePayPower, and Panda Power.

If you’re an SSE Airtricity customer, here’s what the increase is going to cost you.

Cost of the increase

The increase is expected to add around €338 to the average electricity customer’s annual bill and €333 to the average gas customer’s annual bill.

Speaking about its recent price increase, Klair Neenan, Managing Director of SSE Airtricity said:

We know this price change will be disappointing for our customers and today’s announcement will not be welcome news. Throughout winter, we have worked hard to limit the local impact of the global energy crisis by absorbing record high wholesale energy costs, hoping to see pressure on prices ease. Sadly, this has not been the case and energy prices continue to demonstrate sharp volatility and upward pressure. Regrettably, this must now be reflected in our prices.

As always, I would encourage any customer who is concerned about their energy costs to please contact us, and we will work with you to find a solution together.

SSE Airtricity price increases

This is SSE Airtricity’s first price increase of 2022. However, the energy supplier increased its prices three times last year.

SSE first increased its prices on April 1st last year. Now, exactly twelve months later, the company is increasing its prices for the fourth time.

Here’s a table looking at those increases from the past year.

Effective Date

Electricity increase

Gas increase

+€ to annual electricity bill

+€ to annual gas bill

1st April 2021





1st September 2021





1st December 2021





1st May 2022





Combined 12-month increase





Customer supports

As part of its price increase announcement, the utility provider has also announced a range of customer supports aimed at helping those who are struggling to pay their bills.

The measures include expanding its existing customer support fund by an additional €1 million, to provide direct support to customers in difficulty.

SSE also said that it will make a €1 million charitable donation to a trusted charity partner which will be used to support people who are struggling with the cost of living.

Furthermore, SSE has committed to funding energy efficiency home upgrades to up to 600 vulnerable households across Ireland.

Managing Director of SSE Airtricity, Klair Neenan continued by saying:

SSE Airtricity has a longstanding and continued commitment to working with and supporting customers in need. Last year, we began contacting customers who were experiencing financial pressure to provide support, including financial assistance, and establish a long-term plan to help them manage their energy needs. 

As always, I would encourage any customer who is concerned about their energy costs to please contact us, and we will work with you to find a solution together.

If you’re coming under financial pressure and looking for supports to pay your energy bills, have a read of our energy guide which outlines all of the support available.

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