Permanent TSB cuts rates on 4-year fixed-rate mortgage product
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Permanent TSB has become the latest lender to announce cuts to its fixed-rate mortgage offering. Here’s all you need to know.

Permanent TSB has announced that it's cutting the rates on its four-year fixed-rate mortgage product by 0.20%.

The latest rate cut makes it Permanent TSB’s lowest ever fixed rate.

Switchers with at least 20% equity in their home or first-time buyers with at least a 20% deposit can now get their hands on the new rate of 2.05% - a reduction of 0.20% from 2.25% previously.

For first-time buyers with a 10% deposit (i.e. a Loan-To-Value of between 80% and 90%) you can get a rate of 2.35% (down from 2.55% previously).

The new fixed rates will be available from Monday 11th April.

Rate Previous New Reduction 
4-year LTV 60 to 80% 2.25% 2.05% -0.20%
4-year LTV 80 to 90% 2.55% 2.35% -0.20%

Who is eligible for the new mortgage rates?

The new rates will be available to all new mortgage customers including first-time buyers, people moving home, and customers seeking to switch their mortgage to Permanent TSB.

However, the new rates aren't available to existing Permanent TSB mortgage customers or for new or existing buy-to-let customers.

Speaking about the new fixed mortgage rates on offer, the Head of Personal Banking at Permanent TSB, Jeff Harbourne said: 

Our 4-year fixed rate mortgage product has been very popular with customers since we launched it last year. It has broadened the choice available for customers and we are delighted to offer even lower rates on this product to customers from Monday.

Anything else of note?

Customers who sign up for the new rates and who pay back their mortgage from a Permanent TSB Explore Current Account can receive 2% cashback on the value of their monthly mortgage repayments until 2027.

So if your monthly repayment is €1,000, you'll receive €20 back into your Explore account each month. 

However, Permanent TSB's normal 2% cashback deal, which offers 2% of your mortgage back in cash shortly after drawdown, isn't available with these new rates. So something to consider if you're hoping to rely on a cash lump sum to help with moving costs.

New green mortgage

Permanent TSB has also launched a brand new green mortgage product for both new and existing mortgage customers.

Discounts of 0.2% on five-year fixed rates are available for customers with a Building Energy Rating (BER) of A1 to B3 inclusive.

The rates on offer will start at 2.35% for five-year fixed rates where the loan-to-value (LTV) is less than or equal to 80% and the value of the mortgage is equal to or more than €250,000.

PTSB's green mortgages will be available from April 30th and can be combined with the bank’s 2% cashback offer. For example, this would work out as €6,000 cashback on a €300,000 mortgage.

More recent mortgage news

There has been some movement in the mortgage market over the last couple of months, with a number of lenders changing their rates, particularly their green rates.

Toward the end of March, Bank of Ireland announced a cut to its green mortgage offering.

Meanwhile in February, Haven reduced its green mortgage rate to 2.0%, while EBS joined the green wave by launching its first green mortgage product.

You can stay up to date with the most recent mortgage news by checking out our blog and guide pages.

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