SSE Airtricity fourth supplier to implement price freeze
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Ireland’s biggest renewable energy supplier is now the fourth company to announce a complete price freeze for its customers for the duration of the winter months.

It’s been almost two months since the first electricity price hike from Electric Ireland sparked a flurry of costs being passed on to consumers, and by five suppliers in total so far.

However, that didn’t mean all energy suppliers had to follow suit, with the likes of Bord Gáis, Flogas, and Energia freezing the price of their energy for the winter months.

And with today’s news you can add SSE Airtricity to that list!

About SSE Airtricity

SSE Airtricity is the largest generator and supplier of renewable energy in Ireland, providing 100% green electricity, including natural gas, to homes and businesses across the country.

To date, SSE has invested over €2.5 billion in the development of sustainable energy and operates a combined total of 28 onshore wind farms on the island of Ireland.

SSE currently has approximately 244,000 household electricity customers and close to 86,000 household gas customers in Ireland.

What’s new?

From today SSE Airtricity has announced it will be implementing a complete price freeze on the price of both its residential gas and electricity for customers nationwide.

The price freeze will begin immediately and will remain in place for customers until at least the 31st January 2021.

The renewable energy company recently announced a price reduction for customers on both its gas and electricity prices, with reductions of 11.5% and 2.7% respectively. The price decreases came into effect from the beginning of May this year.

SSE also made it clear that those struggling with their bills during the next number of weeks should get in contact with the company in order to resolve any worries they may have about paying their bills.

This comes after Electric Ireland this week announced it would be suspending disconnections for its 1.3 million customer base for the duration of the Level 5 lockdown period.

SSE Airtricity is currently offering 30% off its standard unit electricity rate for new customers, as well as a number of other great offers on single or dual fuel which you can browse now over on

Director of Home Energy at SSE Airtricity, David Manning said:

At SSE Airtricity we always do our best for customers. In uncertain times, today’s prize freeze hopefully brings a small piece of reassurance to homes across the country. Talking to customers daily, we appreciate the challenges faced and we want our customers to know we’re here if you need us. If for any reason a household is having difficulty with their bills please talk to us and we will work with you.

Since March our contact centre teams have been working from home to ensure we continue providing great service for our customers while keeping our people as safe as we can. Our teams have a range of supports available to anyone who has concerns about their energy bills and we’ll continue to work with our customers to resolve any worries they have.

In September we launched the latest phase of our This is Generation Green campaign. It is about working as a community, working together to make our environment better and delivering value to our customers. 2020 has been a challenging year for homes, businesses and communities across Ireland. However, it has also shown the importance of coming together and how the small choices we make can make a big difference.

The latest price changes

Today’s news from SSE follows on from Energia who earlier in the month also announced a price freeze for its customers.

This means that a total of four suppliers have now agreed to a complete price freeze across both their gas and electricity prices for the winter months. Those being: Bord Gáis, Flogas, Energia, and SSE Airtricity.

However, Flogas is the outlier, having announced a 10% decrease in the cost of its natural gas for customers as well as implementing a price freeze on the cost of its electricity.

Additionally, and most importantly, a total of five suppliers have now passed on costs incurred on the Single Electricity Market (SEM) to customers, with Electric Ireland, PrepayPower, Iberdrola, Pinergy, and BE Energy increasing their electricity costs in the past two months.

Additionally, none of the suppliers who increased the cost of their electricity and who also offer dual fuel have decided to increase the cost of their gas.

To keep up to date with all the latest gas and electricity announcements you can do so by visiting the blog here.

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