Electric Ireland announces disconnection moratorium during level 5
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Electric Ireland recently increased the cost of its electricity by 3.4% which came into effect from October 1st. It also implemented a price freeze on its gas prices at the same time.

As the country faces into yet another nationwide lockdown this week, with Level 5 clear in sight, it only means one thing - an increase in the use of home heating and electricity for consumers, especially as the days draw in and get colder.

The unfortunate reality about another six-week lockdown is that many people will be forced to deal with increased financial hardship and uncertainty over the next month and a half, even more so when it comes to their energy bills.

However, when it comes to surety of supply for homes across Ireland, residential energy supplier Electric Ireland has today announced a measure which will hopefully help to put its customer's minds at ease.

Electric Ireland has today announced a nationwide disconnection moratorium which will effectively ensure that none of its 1.3 million customer base will be without power for the next six weeks.

The moratorium will come into effect for customers from Thursday 22nd October and will last until December 1st, the official day the nationwide lockdown is set to end.

The energy supplier has also asked all customers who are experiencing financial difficulty with regard to paying their energy bills to make contact and they will work with them to find a payment plan that will suit their individual circumstances.

Executive Director, Electric Ireland, Marguerite Sayers commented on the announcement:

“At Electric Ireland we have a rigorous engagement process in place with our customers who are experiencing financial difficulties. We are acutely aware of the challenges that some customers will experience now with the new Level 5 restrictions. We want to ensure those customers will be protected and have peace of mind during the winter months as we deal with the challenges of the Covid restrictions. 

The re-introduction of our disconnection moratorium commencing from Thursday 22 October for all of our customers, means those most at risk can rest assured, they will have the comfort they need at this difficult time, continued uninterrupted energy supply.”

Electricity price increase still in effect

Electric Ireland only announced a price increase on the cost of its residential electricity at the beginning of September, with the change having already come into effect at the start of October.

This 3.4% price increase will see Electric Ireland customers pay an extra €2.88 per month on the average residential electricity bill, or €34.56 annually, including VAT.

That being said, the energy provider at the same time initiated a complete price freeze on the price of its residential gas for the winter months.

This means that its 11.5% gas price decrease from 1 April will remain unchanged for customers - in other words a continued saving of €78 for the average gas customer.

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Customers in difficulty

For customers who are experiencing a strain on their finances or are concerned about paying a bill, especially over the next six weeks, Electric Ireland has asked customers to get in contact sooner rather than later.

By getting in contact at an early stage it will be much easier to reach a workable solution for both parties.

Customers who would like to discuss this or a related matter with Electric Ireland can do so by calling 1850 50 40 21.

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