accredited by the CRU for 11th year in a row
Daragh Cassidy
Head Writer

The news means consumers can be assured that the information they see on is accurate, impartial and up-to-date.

Knowing you can trust the results you see on price comparison websites is important, which is why the CRU audits us every year. And we're proud to be able to say that this year, like the ten years before, we've passed our annual audit with flying colours!

Who are the CRU?

The Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) is Ireland’s independent energy and water regulator. The CRU has a wide range of functions including consumer protection as well as the monitoring and auditing of energy price comparison websites like

CRU accreditation

Every year the CRU rigorously audits to ensure the information we display for energy comparisons is accurate, up-to-date, impartial and meets the high standards set out in the CRU’s code of practice. 

We were the first energy price comparison service in Ireland to be awarded an accreditation by the CRU back in March 2012 and our accreditation has been renewed every year since! 

Being accredited by the CRU means you can trust the information we show you and that we meet the CRU’s strict standards.

What's more, the CRU recommends that you should only ever use an accredited site to switch energy supplier, so by using to switch and save you are following the best advice!

At, the accuracy of the information that we show on our website is paramount. We work hard to maintain our accreditation with the CRU each year and I’m delighted that we’ve passed our audit once more with flying colours.

High energy prices over the past few years years mean record numbers of people have come to our site to seek out better value. Those people can feel confident that the information we’re showing them is accurate and impartial and I’m delighted that is able to play such an important role in helping so many households in Ireland reduce their cost of living.  

Founder and Group CEO of, David Kerr.

Only switch energy suppliers with

At we know that switching saves. But it’s important you switch based on accurate information.

There are lots of websites that claim to be able to help you save on your energy bills but only three sites, including ours, are accredited by the CRU.

We’ve invested heavily in our website over the years to be able to provide you, our customers, with the most accurate results possible with a website that's simple and easy to use.

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So if you're looking to switch and save on your energy bills this year, do it with!

How to switch

Switching with is super quick and easy. 

With our straightforward energy comparison service you can compare the best gas and electricity deals on the market in just a few clicks from all of Ireland’s energy suppliers.

Read our helpful guide on what you need to switch suppliers to see what you need to have on hand to make the switch. 

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