What is an energy cooling-off period?
Sarah Rigney
Staff Writer

This guide outlines the cooling-off period for energy orders. It’s the fourth guide in our energy switching eight-part series, which aims to help you make the most out of our energy comparison and switching service

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The right to change your mind

If you switch your energy supplier, or are setting up a new connection, and change your mind about the supplier you’ve opted to go with, don’t fret as you’ll be able to cancel your order. 

You have the right to cancel your contract within 14 calendar days from the day your switch is fully completed.

Suppliers must tell you about this timeframe, known as the cooling-off period when you sign up for a tariff with them. If you do change your mind, you’ll need to contact the supplier and let them know within these 14 days. 

You also don’t have to give any reason for cancelling if you decide to do so.

What if I want to cancel after 14 days?

If you decide to cancel after this 14-day cooling-off period, you’ll likely be subject to an energy cancellation fee or early exit fee. 

Energy contracts are usually 12 months long, but if you don’t want to see out your contract to the end, you’ll still be able to cancel or switch to another supplier.

Usually, cancellation fees are €50 per fuel on single fuel deals and €100 for a dual fuel deal. You can check the terms and conditions of your chosen supplier to find out how much it costs.

You can discover all you need to know about energy cancellation fees in this article.

Making the switch

If you were unable to provide your meter readings when you carried out your energy switch through bonkers.ie, the switch will not be finalised immediately.

Our team will contact you during the 2-week cooling-off period before cancelling your application. You will receive 4 reminders by email and 2 text messages. 

In regards to updating your information about your meter reading you can either:

  • Submit the reading through email by selecting the ‘Update the reading’ button
  • Email the readings to hello@bonkers.ie 
  • By calling (01) 256 0500 and pressing 1-2 

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