Quickstart Guide - Income Protection
Caoimhe Bermingham
Staff Writer

At bonkers.ie we want to help you get the best value income protection insurance that suits your needs. To help you do this, we’ve created a series of articles to guide you through the income protection application process.

Welcome to the first guide in our seven-part income protection insurance series. The goal of this series is to ensure you are able to find the right income protection cover to suit your needs. 

In this article, you will find the other guides in the series linked throughout it, accompanied by a brief outline of what each one focuses on. 

If you’re unsure about how to apply for income protection, what you need to keep in mind when taking out a policy, or if you simply want to understand the jargon associated with income protection then this is the perfect article for you.

How to compare income protection insurance on bonkers.ie

In the second guide of our income protection insurance series, we describe the different stages involved in purchasing income protection insurance on bonkers.ie.

You will learn how to use our free comparison tool, discover the different information required to submit an application and find out what to expect once you have selected your chosen policy. 

Cancelling your income protection insurance and the cooling-off period 

As income protection is not a legal requirement to have you may opt to cancel your policy if you no longer need it or it no longer meets your needs. 

In this article, we explain what the cooling-off period is and outline how you go about cancelling your existing income protection insurance cover. 

You will also get an insight into the cancellation fees and refunds for income protection insurance holders, and discover the reasons why your insurer could cancel your policy. 

Frequently asked income protection questions

In the fourth guide in the series, we answer the 16 most common questions surrounding income protection

From finding out what influences the cost of your premium, to helping you determine the amount of cover you will need, this guide will shed some light on queries that may have left you scratching your head.

You will also learn about the different job classifications and what bracket your job could fall under. 

7 common income protection terms explained

In this article, we aim to dispel any confusion around the most common and important terms related to income protection

Each term is simply defined so you can easily understand the most complicated or lesser-known income protection insurance jargon. 

So if you’ve ever been unsure about the difference between indexation and escalation of claim then this is the right guide for you. 

9 things to consider when taking out an income protection policy

To ensure you get the right cover to suit your needs, check out our guide on the most important things to bear in mind when purchasing a policy

For instance, did you know that the deferral time you choose for your policy will impact its cost? Or that your term length is determined by your estimated retirement age?

These are all elements that you need to be aware of when selecting your income protection policy to make sure that you get adequate cover.

Become familiar with income protection insurance

In our final guide of our seven-part series, you will get a deep dive into what income protection is.

It outlines who is eligible to apply for income protection and explains how this type of cover works. 

Get the best value income protection cover

On bonkers.ie, you can compare the different policies available from Ireland’s leading income protection insurers with the help of our free comparison tool

Once you have found the right policy to suit your needs, you can submit an enquiry online through us. 

Don’t forget you can apply for a range of other insurance products such as home, car, life and mortgage protection insurance on our site too.

You can also lower the cost of your bills across energy, broadband and banking by using our free comparison tools. 

Check out our other Quickstart Guides 

Being insured protects you from the unexpected, thankfully on bonkers.ie you can find various types of cover for all aspects of life. 

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