Find out how to purchase travel insurance on a walkthrough
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You can protect yourself and your loved ones abroad in 3 simple steps on In this guide, you'll learn how to purchase the best value cover to suit your needs on our site.

This is the second guide in this four-part series on getting travel insurance on The other guides in the series will be linked at the end of the page.

Travel insurance is a great way to get peace of mind when heading abroad. Whether you are heading away on a city trip, or a backpacking trip of a lifetime, on you can get the best travel insurance policy for you in just a few clicks.

Step 1 - Tell us what policy you need

The first step towards getting travel insurance on is to tell us what type of policy you need. 

During this step, you will need to select:

  • Whether you want single or multi-trip cover
  • Where you are travelling to (Europe, Worldwide including USA/Canada, Worldwide excluding USA/Canada).
  • Whether you would like winter sports cover

If you have selected single trip cover, you will need to input the duration of your trip at this stage. 

The next part of the process is to simply select who you would like to cover for the trip and their age. You can choose to cover just yourself, a couple, or the entire family. 

Following this, you can select whether or not you already have private health insurance that covers trips abroad. If you, and everyone else being covered by the policy, have private health insurance that covers foreign trips, you can tick this box to avail of a discount. 

Step 2 - Choose the level of cover you want

At this stage, you will receive your quotes for varying levels of cover. 

You will be able to choose between Silver, Gold, or Platinum cover, depending on your budget and needs.

Each of these offer various levels of cover. To find out more, check out the things to consider

Additionally, you will have the option to upgrade to multi-trip cover, if you have selected single trip. 

Step 3 - Your details and payment

Now you have selected the level of cover you would like, you will need to provide some basic details about yourself.

This includes:

  • Your name
  • Your email address and phone number
  • Your date of birth
  • Your address

Medical screening

You will also need to declare whether you or any other travellers, have suffered from any diseases, conditions, or injuries in the past two years. 

Remember, if you fail to declare your own or other people included in the policy’s medical history accurately, you may be unable to get a payout from the insurance company if you make a claim. 

If you do declare anything, you will need to complete a short online medical screening. This screening can be completed quickly and easily on the website.


The final part of the process. 

Now it’s time to review your policy documents and make all the necessary declarations. 

After you’ve done so, simply enter your payment details. 

That’s it! Your new travel policy will be issued straight away, and is ready to go!

Buy travel insurance with

Purchase travel insurance on Get a direct quote for single trip, annual multi-trip, or winter sports insurance in minutes. 

Simply head over to our travel insurance page and start selecting the cover you need today!

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