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What is the low user standing charge?

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The Low User Standing Charge is an additional charge that some Electric Ireland customers pay when using an average of two units or less of electricity per day in a two month billing cycle. The charge currently stands at €5.25 per bi-monthly billing cycle.

Why does Electric Ireland charge a Low User Standing charge?

Electric Ireland introduced the Low User Standing Charge in 2012 to “recover the costs associated with providing electricity to customers with very low usage.”

Electric Ireland has said that they are unable to recover the cost of supplying electricity to low usage customers. These costs include meter reading, servicing and network maintenance.

How is the charge calculated?

The Low User Standing Charge is calculated and billed every two months, so it is possible that you may be charged in some billing cycles and not in others.

If you use an average of two units or less of electricity every day for a billing cycle (61 days), you will receive a low-user standing charge.

If you do use 122 kWh of electricity every two months (732 kWh in a year), you would be using just 17% of the national average energy consumption.

Am I likely to be charged?

If you're not an Electric Ireland customer, you won't be charged.

Customers likely to be charged the Low User Standing Charge are those with holiday homes or properties that are not in regular use.

It is worth noting that an alarm and a refrigerator running in a property will likely use enough electricity to avoid this charge.