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Sarah Rigney
Staff Writer

You can now save hundreds on your annual home insurance premium when you sign up for a policy through our new home insurance service.

Here at we recently launched our new home insurance service to help homeowners nationwide save money on their buildings and contents insurance.

Many people stay with the same insurer year after year and end up overpaying for their cover. And with inflation on the rise, you may be looking for ways to reduce your household bills - so why not review your home insurance policy?

We’ve now partnered with Zurich to offer you a discounted quote for your home insurance. You could save hundreds on your annual premium without reducing your level of cover in just a few quick steps. 

We know a standard policy might not suit everyone, so you’ll be able to modify your policy to suit your specific requirements, and you’ll also have the option to add on any additional extras or take out multi-year home insurance. 

Before we jump into everything you need to know, let’s have a reminder about who Zurich is.

Who is Zurich?

Founded in 1872 in Switzerland, Zurich is a leading multi-line insurer that serves its customers in global and local markets. It provides a wide range of property and casualty, life insurance products and services in more than 215 countries and territories. 

Zurich has over 60 years of experience providing home insurance cover in Ireland and its home insurance comes with many great benefits. For example, if you take out a home insurance policy with Zurich, your cover will automatically increase by 10% at Christmas, providing you extra protection during the festive season. 

A policy tailored to you

Finding the right policy to suit your particular requirements can be confusing and time-consuming, however we’ve made it easier. Whether you own the home you live in, own an investment property or holiday home, or are renting, you can create a policy tailored to your needs.

Once you provide us with some personal details and information about your home over on our home insurance page, you can choose whether you want to also include contents cover. 

Contents cover can either be taken out on its own or with a buildings insurance policy. It covers your personal belongings and items within the home should something unexpected happen.

You’ll then have the opportunity to include any of the following in your policy:

Specified personal possessions: You can add on additional cover for your valuable personal possessions. This may include laptops, tablets, mobile phones, bikes, sports equipment, engagement rings, etc. 

You’ll be asked to state the value of the item and provide a description of it. To avoid underinsuring and to safeguard your personal possessions, you must insure items at their full value.

Accidental damage cover: Adding this to your policy ensures that unintentional damage to the property or its contents will be covered. Examples of accidental damage include knocking over the TV, drilling through a pipe or falling through the ceiling when in the attic.

Family personal accident cover: This additional extra can offer reassurance that you will be provided with financial support should you or a family member residing in the home suffer from a personal accident. With Zurich, you’ll be financially compensated should an accident result in death, loss of a limb, loss of sight or permanent disability.

Family legal expenses cover: Adding this to your home insurance policy will provide cover for specified legal costs and the expense of legal proceedings following particular instances. Zurich will pay out a maximum of €65,000 in respect of claims arising from an event. 

Once you’ve submitted your details we’ll provide you with your cover options instantly!

Multi-year insurance option

One advantage of taking out home insurance with Zurich through is that you can sign up for multi-year insurance. 

If you like the price you've been quoted, you can choose to take the policy out for two or three years, instead of just one. We’ll give you a guaranteed price for the length of time you choose!

Many prefer multi-year home insurance as it provides peace of mind that your payments will stay the same and helps with budgeting. 

You can learn more about the advantages of multi-year home insurance in this blog.

A fully digital experience

You’ll be happy to hear that our home insurance service is fully digital, meaning everything can be carried out online from the comfort of your home. You won’t have any paperwork to deal with as documents can be signed digitally. 

But don’t worry, just because we offer an online service doesn’t mean we won’t be on hand to help if you require assistance. We have a team of qualified insurance experts who would be happy to help with any queries you may have about your home insurance application. 

Want to reduce your other insurance costs?

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Once you've found the right policy for you, you can apply online on our site in just minutes. With some policies, you could even receive cover in under an hour! Best of all, our service is free, easy-to-use, 100% impartial and accurate.

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