SSE Airtricity partners with PhoneWatch to offer customers exclusive deal
Sarah Rigney
Staff Writer

There’s good news in store for customers of SSE Airtricity. The green energy supplier has just announced an exclusive partnership with PhoneWatch, in a move to make its customers’ homes more secure. 

 It was just a few weeks ago that renewable energy supplier SSE Airtricity launched its new eStore, offering customers access to a variety of tech products. 

 And now customers of SSE Can continue to reap the benefits with more additional perks, as SSE Airtricity has announced an exclusive partnership with home alarm provider PhoneWatch.

 The partnership will allow SSE Airtricity’s gas and electricity customers to avail of a new offer to protect their homes. Before we dive into what’s on offer, let’s have a recap of who SSE Airtricity and PhoneWatch are. 

Who is SSE Airtricity?

SSE Airtricity is one of Ireland’s largest suppliers of renewable energy, providing 100% green electricity to homes across the country, as well as natural gas. 

SSE Airtricity has a total of 28 onshore wind farms on the island of Ireland and to date has invested over €2.5 billion in the development of sustainable energy infrastructure here.

Who is PhoneWatch?

PhoneWatch is one of Ireland’s most trusted providers of 24/7 monitored alarms, with this year marking its 30th birthday. It now protects over 115,000 Irish homes and businesses from burglary and fire. 

From its Alarm Receiving Centre in Dublin, PhoneWatch responds to over 770,000 alarm activations each year in an average of 12 seconds.

So, what’s on offer?

Customers of SSE Airtricity can now benefit from additional security in their homes with a discounted state-of-the-art, 24/7 security system from PhoneWatch.  

Thanks to the new partnership, customers can get a full security system installed for just €149, reduced from the standard price of €299. 

The use of smart technology has become more and more commonplace in homes across Ireland in recent years, and security systems are no exception. PhoneWatch’s security systems have evolved and now fully integrate smart solutions for modern living.

The PhoneWatch home safety system includes the following:

  • Motion sensors with built-in cameras
  • A smoke alarm featuring always-on response 24/7
  • A panic alarm for instant emergency services dispatch
  • Contact sensors for doors to detect when they are opened
  • A smartphone app enabling you to arm/disarm your system remotely and to check the status of your system
  • A PhoneWatch bellbox fixed to an external wall of the home and personalised key tags for ease of use

Installation is quick and easy as all alarm components are wireless. There’s also no need for a landline, which is a bonus. 

Rewarding customers

Speaking about the partnership, SSE Airtricity’s Head of Marketing and CRM Victoria Groom mentioned how the supplier wants to reward customers for opting to go green.

“We believe in rewarding customers for choosing to power their home with 100% green energy, which is why we are always looking at new and exciting ways to deliver different products and services. Providing easy access to a trusted security provider like PhoneWatch complements some of the other great services we provide which include Home Insurance, Smart Tech, EV chargers and more.” 

How can I sign up?

If you’re not already an SSE Airtricity customer, you can sign up right here on and avail of the offer!  

Use our thorough energy comparison tool to review all gas and electricity deals on offer in just a few clicks, or simply head to SSE Airtricity’s provider page to view all its price plans. 

Once you decide on the right tariff for you, you can switch energy supplier within minutes provided you have a few things to hand

If you sign up for SSE Airtricity through our website you can then enquire about the discounted security system by contacting SSE’s customer service team. They will log your details with PhoneWatch and request a callback to discuss the security system.  

Switch and save this winter

Even if you’re not in need of a new security system, we’d recommend comparing the energy market and switching to a cheaper supplier to save money this winter.  

Since energy prices are on the rise, winter bills will be significantly higher than last year and with 14 energy suppliers nationwide, there’s never been more choice or a better time to switch.

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