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How to contact your energy supplier if you’re unable to pay your bills

Caoimhe Bermingham
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Here you’ll find the contact information needed to reach out to your energy supplier if you’re struggling to pay your bills. You will also discover the various protections in place to safeguard customers who are in danger of being disconnected.

During the first half of 2022, 712 domestic electricity and 309 domestic gas customers were disconnected due to failure to pay their bills and/or engage with their suppliers. 

With the energy price crisis in full swing, many households across Ireland fear they may be disconnected from their gas and/or electricity supply because they are unable to pay their energy bills. 

But fear not, the Commission of Regulations for Utilities (CRU) has protocols and supports in place to protect consumers from this happening once they inform their suppliers of their financial difficulties. 

So if you are struggling to manage your bills, the first thing you need to do is contact your supplier as they will then be obliged to help create a realistic and affordable payment plan for you. 

At, we want to help you get on top of your bills as soon as possible. To assist you on this journey we have gathered the contact information of the different energy suppliers, so you can get on top of your bills and avoid being disconnected. 

But first, let's take a look at the support suppliers are obliged to provide you with.

Reaching out to your supplier

The sooner you get in touch with your supplier and inform them about your financial situation the better. This is because all suppliers have procedures set up to help support their customers who are struggling. 

For example, Bord Gáis Energy established a €1.25 million fund to support its struggling customers while Electric Ireland set up a €5 million Hardship Fund. As well as this, Electric Ireland is forgoing its profits from residential electricity for 2022. SSE Airtricity is also forgoing its profits from 2022 to assist its vulnerable customers. This has resulted in the supplier provisioning up to €25 million for its energy support programme.

As well as this, all suppliers are obliged by the CRU to:

  • Have staff in place who are trained to deal with customers going through financial difficulties and who will lend a sympathetic ear 
  • Help customers who are in genuine financial difficulty
  • Arrange an alternative payment plan for your energy usage
  • Only disconnect customers as a last resort. This can only happen once every possible avenue for repayment has been exhausted 

Once you’ve flagged your financial difficulties, your supplier must begin to arrange an alternative payment plan with you to help you manage your bills.

Payment plans for customers
This may include:

Contacting your supplier

You can contact your supplier by phone, email, post or through their website. Contacting them by phone should be your first port of call. Depending on the supplier, they may even have a designated number set up specifically to help people who are struggling. 

When contacting your supplier, you may be asked to provide certain information such as your:

You should have this information organised and ready to provide to your supplier. This will help ensure that you can set up a payment plan faster as they will be able to find your account information. 

Top Tip: If possible you should have your most recent energy bill on hand with you and/or a meter reading, however, this is not a necessity. 

It’s important to note that if your supplier has signed up to the Energy Engage Code, they can not disconnect you from your gas or electricity supply once you are actively engaging with them to find a solution to your payment issues. 

The CRU has expanded its protections for energy consumers

Along with the CRU’s customer protection standards mentioned above, the CRU has expanded a number of measures to protect consumers in arrears and who are in danger of disconnection this winter. 

These expanded measures include:

  • A moratorium on disconnections: No energy consumers can be disconnected from their supply between 1st December 2022 - 28th February 2023 while vulnerable customers cannot be disconnected between October 1st 2022 - March 31st 2022
  • A better deal for those on Financial Hardship Meters: Suppliers must put the customers on these meters on the cheapest tariff available
  • The extension of debt repayment periods: From November 1st, these plans will be extended to allow customers a minimum of 24 months to repay their debt

    You can learn more about these measures and others such as the promotion of the Vulnerable Customer register and the reduction of debt burden on Pay-As-You-Go top-ups in this article

    What is the Energy Engage Code?

    Created in 2014 by the CRU, the Energy Engage Code is a voluntary code of practice for suppliers, designed to protect customers from disconnection. The code’s aim is to encourage customers to engage with their suppliers regarding the management of their debt. 

    Suppliers who have signed up to this code of practice must commit to never disconnecting an engaging customer, i.e. a customer who is actively engaging with their supplier to find a solution to their unpaid bills. 

    Suppliers currently signed up to this code are Electric Ireland, Bord Gáis Energy, Energia, Flogas, Pinergy and SSE Airtricity

    You can learn more about the Energy Engage Code here. 

    Energy suppliers' contact information

    Gas and electricity bills have increased by an extra 2,000 on average during 2022. Although this increase is putting understandably a massive strain on many Irish households, it’s important to remember there is help out there.

    Engaging with your supplier will ensure you will not be disconnected and it will help you establish a payment plan which takes into account your financial situation.

    The information you share with your supplier is confidential. 

    Electric Ireland 

    Contact number: 

    • 1800 50 40 21 (Arrange a payment plan)
    • 1800 372 372 (Customer service)

    Send a letter: Electric Ireland, PO Box 841, South City Delivery Office, Togher, Cork


    Electric Ireland Code of Practice on customer billing and disconnection

    Bord Gáis Energy 

    Contact number:

    (01) 611 0192 (Arrange a payment plan)

    • (01) 611 01 01 (Customer service)


    Send a letter: Customer service residential, Bord Gáis Energy, PO Box 10943, Dublin 2 


    Bord Gáis Energy Code of Practice for natural gas billing and disconnection

    Bord Gáis Energy Code of Practice for electricity billing and disconnection 


    Contact number: 

    • 1850 405 405 (Arranging a payment plan) 
    • 0818 300 701 (Customer service)

    Send a letter: Energia, PO Box 12380, Dublin 2 


    Energia Code of Practice on customer billing and disconnection


    Contact number: 

    • 041 987 4800 (Arranging a payment plan) 
    • 041 214 9500 (Customer care) 


    Send a letter: Flogas Natural Gas Ltd, Knockbrack House, Matthews Lane, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co. Louth


    Flogas Code of Practice on customer billing and disconnection

    SSE Airtricity 

    Contact number: 

    • 0818 404 070 (Arranging a payment plan)
    • 0818 812 220 (Customer service)



    SSE Airtricity’s information on customer billing and disconnection and its commitment to the Energy Engage Code.


    Contact number: 

    • 0818 919 487 (Disconnections)
    • 1800 911 977 (Customer service)


    Send a letter: PrepayPower Limited, Code of Practice, Paramount Court, Corrig Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18, D18R9C7


    PrepayPower Code of Practice on customer disconnection


    Contact number: 

    • 0818 363 749 (Customer service)


    Send a letter: Pinergy Suite 1 Beaver House, Beach Hill Office Campus, Clonskeagh, Dublin 4, D04 Y8X5


    Pinergy Code of Practice on customer billing and disconnection

    Ecopower Supply

    Contact number: 

    • 056 775 0140 (Customer service)


    Send a letter: Ecopower Limited, Zetec House, Purcellsinch IDA Business Park, Kilkenny, R95 PX5X


    Ecopower Supply Code of Practice on customer billing and disconnection

    Community Power 

    Contact number: 

    • 067 56005 (Customer service)


    Send a letter: Community Power, 2nd Floor, Friars Court, Nenagh, Tipperary, E45KN59


    Community Power Code of Practice on customer billing and disconnection


    Contact number:

    • (01) 29 505 68 (Customer service)


    Send a letter: Waterpower, Strand Street, Kanturk, Co. Cork


    Waterpower Code of Practice on customer disconnection

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