What is a UAN?
Simon Moynihan
Staff Writer

A Universal Account Number (UAN) is a unique number that identifies the line that carries broadband and phone signals to a home.

A UAN is eight digits in length and can be found on most broadband and phone bills. In most cases, a UAN must be provided in order to switch broadband providers and to keep the same phone number when switching phone suppliers.

Here’s all you need to know about Universal Account Numbers.

When do I have to provide my UAN?

Your UAN is needed when you switch from one phone line based broadband provider to another. It is not usually needed if you wish to switch to a cable or wireless provider.

If you have a phone number that you wish to keep, your new provider will need your UAN to transfer your phone number from your old provider.

Where can I find my UAN?

In order to ease the switching process, The Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) requires all broadband and phone providers to provide you with your UAN. So, you can find yours by calling your supplier and asking for it. 

UANs are also listed on most broadband and phone bills. If you're an eir customer, your UAN is the same as your account number.

You should be able to find your UAN easily, however if you are unable to locate it, the below table should help.

Broadband Provider
Where to find your UAN
Contact Number


On the top of the bill on the first page. Between the broadband billing and broadband service number.

065 670 3300


On the top of the bill on the first page.

1890 940 405


Your UAN is the same as your Eircom Account number. It can be found at the top of your bill on the first page.

1901 / 1800 773 729

IFA Telecom

On the top of the bill on the first page. Beside account number.

0818 924 851 


On page two of Imagine bills under "Charges for line rental"

1890 92 92 92

Pure Telecom

Your UAN should be listed under “Service Description for Account”. This section is normally on page 2 of your bill.

01 289 5555

Rural WiFi

Rural WiFi customers must contact Pure Telecom to obtain their UAN.

1800 844 074


Your UAN may not be on your bill, but can be obtained by contacting Sky directly

0818 776 231

Virgin Media

Your UAN is your UPC account number and this is generally at the top of the first page of your bill.



Your UAN may not be on your bill, but can be obtained by contacting Vodafone directly.

1907 / 1850 20 40 20

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