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How many broadband providers are there in Ireland?

There are 11 broadband providers available in Ireland. These include Digiweb, eir, Europasat, Imagine, Nova Networks, Pure Telecom, Q Sat, Ripple Communications, Sky Ireland, Virgin Media, and Vodafone.

Can I have two broadband providers?

Generally there is only 1 broadband provider that can supply your home. If you wish to have more than one broadband provider your choices are:-

  1. have a second telephone line installed and then choose an alternative broadband provider for your second line
  2. if you are in a cable area you could have one broadband provider using cable and another using telephone line. Currently only Virgin Media supplies cable broadband in Ireland

How do I change broadband provider?

To change broadband provider you will need to know what your current provider and what your universal account number (UAN) is. Once you know your UAN you can choose another provider using our broadband comparison tool and selecting your preferences. Once you place your order your new broadband provider will complete the steps needed to make the change from your old provider if both use your telephone line. If you are switching either to or from a cable provider such as Virgin Media you will need to have your new provider in place before you cancel your old provider to avoid a service interruption.

Which providers offer fibre broadband?

In Ireland there are 6 providers that offer fibre broadband, including:

  1. Digiweb
  2. eir
  3. Pure Telecom
  4. Sky Ireland
  5. Virgin Media
  6. Vodafone

Who is the cheapest broadband provider in Ireland?

The cheapest broadband provider in Ireland is Virgin Media whose Freedom TV costs €20 per month. The speed of this package is .

Who is the fastest broadband provider in Ireland?

The fastest broadband provider in Ireland is Virgin Media whose Fibre Power Broadband 360Mb has a speed of 360Mb/s and costs €49 for the first 6 months (€64 thereafter).

Who has the shortest broadband contract length in Ireland?

Virgin Media is the provider that offers the shortest contract length in Ireland. Their Freedom Broadband bundle has a contract duration of 1 month and offers a download speed of 240Mb/s and costs €59 per month.

How many broadband providers offer triple-play broadband, phone and TV in a bundle?

The following providers offer bundles with broadband, phone and TV:

  1. eir
  2. Sky Ireland
  3. Virgin Media
  4. Vodafone

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