SSE Airtricity announces price freeze for financially vulnerable customers
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Customers struggling to pay their energy bills with SSE Airtricity will be exempt from any further price increases from the supplier should it announce one between now and the end of the year.

Renewable energy supplier SSE Airtricity has announced a price freeze for its existing customers who may be going through considerable financial difficulty.

The supplier is taking the decision in response to the ongoing energy crisis, which has seen the price of gas and electricity reach record levels.

Here’s everything you need to know about the supplier’s announcement.

What does the news mean?

SSE Airtricity’s price promise means that energy prices for existing, financially vulnerable customers will not change for the remainder of 2022. 

So, even if the supplier were to implement another price increase any time between now and the end of December, vulnerable customers would not have to pay it.

This begs the question…

What does SSE mean by ‘financially vulnerable’?

SSE says it's currently consulting with key stakeholders on the final eligibility criteria, but will include those experiencing acute financial difficulty with their energy bills or topping up their prepayment meters. This will ensure support is given to those who need it most, it says.

So, if you’re currently engaging with SSE in relation to an inability to pay, or if you're having trouble topping up your meter, then you should be spared from any potential future price hike this year.

The energy supplier also said that in addition to the above, it has consulted with the energy regulator (CRU) and other agencies which work with at-risk and financially vulnerable customers, and continues to encourage customers to actively engage with it to discuss the various supports and options available to them.

In our recent energy guide, we covered all of the supports that are available to those struggling to pay their energy bills which you can read here

Does this mean you should stay with SSE?

Not necessarily. 

What SSE’s price pledge means is that vulnerable customers won’t have to pay any more if SSE announces another increase this year.

However, if you are currently out of contract, you're likely paying far more for your energy than you need to, and you could save big money by moving to a new supplier, even if your new supplier were to increase its prices.

For example, some suppliers are offering discounts of up to 40% for a year to those who switch. So it’s definitely worth your while comparing the market.

If you are currently engaging with SSE to pay outstanding energy bills, however, it’s best to contact it first to see what your options are.

Has SSE Airtricity increased its prices in 2022?

Yes, and quite considerably.

SSE Airtricity announced one price increase this year - a 30.3% increase to its electricity prices and a 39% increase to its gas prices. Read the details in full here.

In short, after coming into effect on May 1st, the increase will add around €338 to the average electricity customer’s annual bill and €333 to the average gas customer’s annual bill.

This isn’t taking into account however the impact of its energy price increases announced over the last 12 months which, altogether, have added well over €1,000 to the average dual fuel customer’s annual bill.

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