Electric Ireland unveils new cashback deals exclusive to bonkers.ie
Rob Flynn
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The exclusive cashback deals are now available across both dual fuel and electricity plans for a limited time only.

Have you been considering switching your energy supplier over the last number of months? Well you’ve left it until exactly the right moment because Electric Ireland has just launched a number of new cashback energy deals which could help you to save big on your bills!

The newly-launched dual duel and electricity only plans boast cashback sums to the tune of €265 and €210 respectively, and are both available for sign up only on bonkers.ie.

Sound good to you? Find out more about both deals in detail below.

Exclusive - Dual ValueSaver 8.5%

The first of the new deals from Electric Ireland is its ‘Dual ValueSaver’ which is offering new customers a discount of 8.5% off both its standard gas and electricity unit rates.

The deal is also open to existing Electric Ireland customers but you must be signed up to a single fuel plan to be eligible.

When you sign up to this dual fuel plan with Electric Ireland you’ll also receive cashback to the amount of €265, no less, making it one of the most competitive plans currently available.

You don’t even need to do anything to receive the cashback. Electric Ireland will credit the money into your energy account by the first or second bill.

One thing customers should be aware of is that with this plan Electric Ireland’s standard unit rates for both gas and electricity are a bit higher than with other plans. However, the discount and cashback included is what makes it such good value.

At the moment a customer who’s paying a company’s standard unit rates - for example 24.53 cent for electricity and 6.824 cent for gas - could save around €765 in the first year.

So new customers could expect to pay an Estimated Annual Bill (EAB) of approximately €1,466, compared to over €2,000 for those who are not receiving any discount on their existing dual fuel plan.

With Electric Ireland customers also have online account access which allows for online billing. 

This plan comes on a 12-month contract with the usual early exit fee of €100 being applied if you decide to leave before your contract is up.

With both exclusive plans you also must pay by Direct Debit, which is pretty much standard for the cheapest plans these days.

You can find out more about this dual fuel offer here.

Exclusive - ValueSaver 5.5%

As well as its dual fuel cashback exclusive, Electric Ireland is also offering new customers a brand new electricity only cashback plan.

This new deal offers a discount of 5.5% off Electric Ireland’s standard electricity rate, which means customers could save almost €470 in the first year if they decide to switch. 

As well as the discount applied above, new electricity customers will benefit greatly from the cashback included in this deal which amounts to €210 all in all.

The cashback will be credited automatically to your account by the time you pay your first or second bill, so similar to the above dual fuel deal.

Again, you might notice that the unit rate with this plan is higher than with other discounted plans out there, however, the 5.5% discount combined with the generous cashback offer is what makes this deal appealing for switchers.

Unlike other suppliers Electric Ireland offers existing customers an enduring discount so once your contract is up after 12 months your 5.5% discount will remain until you switch again.

This is the same for the dual fuel plan above except it will be a discount of 8.5%. This means you won’t be faced with an extravagantly higher bill once your contract expires too - handy!

You can sign up to this plan in minutes right now.

Electric Ireland Rewards

Being an Electric Ireland customer also has its advantages, not only for its generous discounts and cashback offers, but for its customer rewards scheme.

If you sign up to any of the above plans, or any Electric Ireland energy deal for that matter, you’ll have access to its valuable rewards scheme with SuperValu whereby you’ll be able to convert your shopping points into even more money off your energy bills each month.

Here’s how it works in five easy steps:

Step 1 - Sign up to Electric Ireland Rewards with your account number, found at the top of your bill.

Step 2 - Link a SuperValu Real Rewards card to your account.

Step 3 - Earn 1 SuperValu Real Rewards point for every €1 you spend in store. You will also automatically earn Real Rewards points every time you pay your Electric Ireland energy bills (1 point for every €3 payment).

Step 4 - Use those points! If you have collected enough points, or if you have received a special promotional voucher from SuperValu, you can convert this into a 9-digit voucher code on www.supervalu.ie/rewards. A €5 voucher will knock a tenner off your bill.

Step 5 - Simply enter your 9-digit code on the Electric Ireland Rewards site, and your discount will then be applied to your next energy bill for whichever account you’ve chosen.

Switch and save

There’s some great value to be had for energy switchers at the moment with the average customer who makes the switch saving around €444 on their bills!

Before signing up to a contract though make sure to run a full and thorough comparison using our energy comparison tool online. It’s free and easy to use and lets you see each and every deal that’s available, and not only that but also how much you could be in line to save each month.

If you’re seeking advice before switching, take a look at the following articles:

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