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Sarah Rigney
Staff Writer

Comparing broadband packages can be confusing, however at we’ve made it easier.

Getting the best value for your money is vital when it comes to broadband. Here at, our comprehensive broadband tool checks what suppliers are available at your address to find the best broadband bundles to suit your needs.

Once you find the deal that’s right for you, you’ll be able to place your order online in minutes. 

In this guide, we outline how to use our broadband comparison service in just 3 simple steps. This article is the second guide in our seven-part broadband switching series, which aims to enlighten you on the broadband switching process so you can sign up for the best deal and discounts available in your area. 

The links to the other guides in the series can be found at the end of this piece.

However, before we dive in, it’s important to point out that if you’re still in contract with your existing supplier, you may be penalised if you switch suppliers. We would recommend waiting until your contract runs out before you switch.

Step 1- Input your address 

To begin comparing broadband packages simply head over to our broadband comparison page and input your full address or Eircode. Then, select your address from the drop-down list that appears. We use your exact address to determine which networks are available in your area. 

It is also possible to conduct a search of all deals available in Ireland without using your address or Eircode, by selecting ‘or skip this step’. 

However, the packages displayed may not actually be available at your particular address, so we would recommend inputting your address for the most accurate results.

Step 2 - Reviewing your results

Once you’ve entered your address, click on the search button to review your results.

You’ll be shown a variety of broadband deals, with the staff picks being displayed first. Our staff's top picks are based on a variety of factors including price, speed and customer feedback.

You can decide whether you want to sort your results by first-year cost or by speed.

When looking through the different deals available, it’s a good idea to take note of:

  • The discount available: This will be shown in monetary value, e.g. €420 off.
  • The speeds available: Usually the speed advertised is the maximum speed that may be available. Often download speeds actually achieved are a fraction of what’s advertised, depending on where you live.
  • Whether or not the provider offers fibre or part-fibre.
  • The contract term length, most of which are 12 months long.
  • The first-year cost.
  • The monthly cost.

Filtering your results

It’s also possible to filter your results. On desktop, you’ll find filters on the left-hand side of the screen, and on mobile these are located at the bottom of the screen. 

Filters are available for: 

  • Providers.
  • Bundle type, e.g. if you want broadband, phone and TV, or just broadband.
  • Add ons, if applicable.

If you’re interested in a particular deal, you can either view the package in more detail or continue to the order placement page by clicking the ‘Order now’ button.

Step 3 - Review deals in detail

To view the details of a broadband deal, click the ‘more info’ button. 

Here you’ll be shown a summary of the package, and also more in-depth information about the services available. You’ll see:

  • Speeds available.
  • The maximum upload speed.
  • The data allowance per month.
  • In-depth information on any discounts/offers available, such as credit offers or free products.

On this page, you’ll also see the terms and conditions briefly outlined. There may be additional fees incurred when you purchase a broadband package, which will be stated in this section. These fees will vary depending on the supplier.

Terms and conditions include:

  • Setup costs.
  • Equipment costs.
  • The contract duration.

To view more detailed information, simply click ‘See all terms & conditions’.

Placing your order

When you’ve found the right deal to suit your needs, you can request a callback from your chosen supplier to place your order. 

To learn all about the purchasing phase and what to do next, take a look at our guide on how to switch broadband provider in a few simple steps.

If you’re out of contract with your existing supplier, then you’re free to switch as you please.

However, if you're still in contract, you may have to pay a penalty fee for breaking your contract or else pay the outstanding balance left on your contract. 

You can learn more about the cancelling process in our guide. 

Get the best value for money

Now that you know how to use our broadband comparison service, why not carry out a search and see the best deals available in your area to suit your needs and budget? 

If you’re unsure about whether it’s time to switch broadband, we also have a broadband speed test that can test the speed of your current connection. This will help you decide whether you should upgrade to a faster package.

Broadband is just one of many services we can help you save money on! Don’t forget that you can also compare prices and deals for energy, banking products and insurance types on as well. 

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