All homes in Ireland are now eligible for electric vehicle charger grants
Sarah Rigney
Staff Writer

The Government has just announced a range of measures to help support households with the transition to electric vehicles.

In a bid to help motorists and households make the switch to electric vehicles (EVs), the Minister for Transport, Eamon Ryan, announced a range of new grants and incentives this week that will help with the transition.

In recent months and years, there has been a surge in demand for EVs as more and more motorists take steps to offset their carbon footprint. This has prompted the Government to establish a variety of measures to help with the rollout nationwide.

This week, there were four new grant schemes and initiatives announced. 

The new grants and initiatives announced

1. An expansion to the EV Home Charger Grant

The EV Home Charger grant is being expanded, which will enable tenants and homeowners to apply for a charger grant, whether or not they own an EV. 

This can also be used for visitor use or at rented accommodation. 

Those applying for the grant will be able to claim up to €600 towards the purchase and installation of an electric vehicle home charger unit.

2. The Apartment Charging Grant

The Government launched the apartment charging grant for dwellings that don’t have access to a driveway. 

This grant would be suitable for apartments, duplexes, and mixed developments.

3. EV Smart Charger Register

From September 2022 the Home Charger grant will only provide funding for Smart Chargers. 

This is to improve safety and prevent excessive electrical demand. It will also help better facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources. 

4. EV Commercial Fleet Trial

A new trial is being carried out to promote and encourage the electrification of the commercial fleet in Ireland. 

This trial will enable businesses to test an EV free of charge for a minimum period of three months. 

It will demonstrate the benefits, savings and sustainability of EVs in a commercial setting.

Grants and initiatives in progress

Destination Charging Grant for Sports Clubs

The Shared Island Sports Club grant will provide funding for sports clubs across the country to install a network of publicly accessible chargers for members and visitors. 

The funding will be provided via National Sports Governing Bodies to eligible sports clubs and centres to help offset the cost of installing publicly accessible EV charge points.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Earlier this year, the draft National EV Strategy was subject to public and stakeholder consultation. There were over 14,000 responses to the online questionnaire, along with detailed written submissions from both individuals and organisations. 

These submissions are being considered for the development of the final National EV Strategy, which is to be published later this year. 

The final Strategy will also set out a pathway for the delivery of a high-quality national EV charging Infrastructure nationwide.

Re-opening of Electric Small Public Service Vehicle (eSPSV) grant

The eSPSV grant allows owners of small public service vehicles (SPSVs), like taxis and limousines, to buy electric vehicles.

Approximately €15m was allocated in 2022 to support SPSVs to switch to electric. 

The scheme, which is kept under continuous review, was paused for new applicants in April. This was to allow for the drawdown and payment of provisional grant offers.

The scheme will now reopen for applications on 1st August 2022.

The Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland office

Minister Eamon Ryan also announced this week that a new dedicated office, Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland, would oversee Ireland’s transition to zero-emission vehicles.

Zero Emission Vehicles Ireland’s primary focus is to enable the delivery of the ambitious electric vehicle targets under the Climate Action Plan to have 945,000 electric vehicles in the Irish fleet by 2030.

Its operations will include:

  • Supports for the uptake of zero-emission vehicles
  • Infrastructure delivery through funding and policy guidance
  • Strategy and policy lead, e.g. taxation and regulation
  • Research and innovation
  • Communications and public and stakeholder engagement

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