Zurich Life offering two months' cashback on mortgage protection premiums
Daragh Cassidy
Head Writer

For a limited time, Zurich Life is offering its new customers cashback, as well as a 20% discount, on its mortgage protection policies.

At bonkers.ie we're all about saving people money and getting you the best value on your bills. So the new mortgage protection offer from Zurich Life certainly piqued our interest.  

Mortgage protection probably isn't the most exciting of topics to talk about or a product people even think they need.

But it's an important product as it's pretty much essential if you want to get a mortgage. And for a limited time, Zurich Life is offering new mortgage protection customers cashback on their premiums as well as a discount on the cost of their policy.

But before we look at the offer in more detail, a reminder....

What is mortgage protection?

Mortgage protection is a form of life insurance that pays off the outstanding balance on your mortgage should you die before the mortgage has been fully repaid. 

Having mortgage protection is pretty much obligatory in order to get a mortgage in Ireland and it gives you the peace of mind that if you die, your dependants won’t be at risk of losing the family home as there’ll be a tax-free lump sum payout to clear the mortgage.  

What’s on offer?

For a limited time, Zurich Life is offering all new customers two months’ cashback on their mortgage protection premiums.

To qualify you must apply for a mortgage protection policy before 12th March and start your policy by 31st October 2024. 

The cashback will then be paid within four months of your policy being issued. And the money will be paid via electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the account you're using to pay your premiums.

The average mortgage protection policy usually costs between €20 and €30 a month, meaning you could get back up to €60 or more - every little helps as they say!    

You can easily apply for a mortgage protection policy with Zurich Life on bonkers.ie. Everything can be done online and our Dublin-based insurance team will be on hand throughout the application process until your policy is issued.    

20% discount 

As well as the cashback offer, Zurich is offering a 20% discount on mortgage protection policies for amounts of €250,000 or more until the end of February. 

Although the price you’ll pay for mortgage protection depends on a host of factors such as your age, the size of your mortgage, whether you smoke, your general health status, and whether you’re taking out a single policy or a joint policy, the discount means Zurich’s mortgage protection policies are currently the lowest in the market for most people.  

And as your mortgage protection policy must run for the same length of time as your mortgage (meaning you could be paying a premium every month for up to 30 years) this discount could be worth anywhere from €1,500 to €2,000 over the term of the policy.  

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