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Flogas announces fourth price hike of the year
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Flogas has announced another energy price increase, its fourth since the beginning of the year. Customers will be paying over €800 extra for electricity and €590 more for their gas annually from November 20th.

It seems like quite a long time ago now that we’ve heard of an energy supplier decreasing its prices, and it could be a long time yet as prices are still well and truly on the rise.

On that note, Flogas has become the latest energy supplier to announce a price increase for its gas and electricity customers, its fourth price hike of the year.

Over 35,000 residential and commercial customers in Ireland will be affected by the move.

Here are the details in full.

Increase number four from Flogas

Flogas Ireland has announced yet another massive price hike with its electricity prices set to increase by 19% while its gas prices will go up by 26% from November 20th.

The price increase will add around €309 extra to the average electricity customer’s annual bill and around €290 for the average gas customer.

This is the fourth price increase from the energy supplier this year and taking its previous price hikes into consideration, energy customers will be paying slightly over €800 extra for electricity and €590 more for gas.

Meanwhile, the average dual fuel customer, also taking the combined increases into account, will be paying around €1,385 more this year versus last.

Speaking about its decision to increase its prices for a fourth time, Paul Kenny, general manager, Flogas Energy, said:

The rate of increase and volatility in wholesale energy costs in recent months is unprecedented and not something that could have been anticipated. While our prudent hedging policy has helped us avoid more significant increases to date, the reality is that future supply costs have increased for the next quarter by 56% from where they were only one month ago. 

We sincerely regret having to make further increases in our prices but unfortunately it remains difficult to forecast any significant improvements in the medium term. We are continuing to work hard to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers and will be continually reviewing our rates as the market changes.

Previous price increases

The energy supplier first increased its prices in April of this year, and then twice more in June and September.

Here’s a look at how its prices have increased since the beginning of the year and what it has meant for customers’ bills.

Date of increase

Gas increase

€ extra

Electricity increase

€ extra

April 12th





June 26th





September 18th





November 20th





Why are prices increasing?

In short, there are three main reasons why energy prices are soaring.

  1. The price of fossil fuels, in particular gas, on wholesale markets has skyrocketed
  2. Several power plants have been out of action, reducing the supply of electricity to the grid
  3. There has been a lack of wind output

Meanwhile, according to Flogas: ‘there has been a further deterioration in the medium-term costs of gas in the wholesale gas markets, driven by continuing global demand and uncertainty of supply.’

Read our article on why energy prices are increasing for all the information you need.

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