Ecopower latest energy supplier to enter Irish market
Sarah Rigney
Staff Writer

Ecopower has become the 14th energy supplier available for sign up through The renewable energy provider has a range of tariffs and compelling benefits on offer for new customers.

With a target to generate 70% of Ireland's electricity from renewables by 2030, it’s no surprise that we’re seeing more and more green energy suppliers popping up in the Irish market. 

There’s more choice than ever before for those looking to switch energy suppliers and now we can add Ecopower to the list of available options.

Ecopower has become the 14th energy supplier available for sign up through and is heating up the competition in the renewable energy sector. Here we take a look at who Ecopower is and what tariffs the supplier has on offer. 

Who is Ecopower?

Ecopower was established in Ireland in 1996 as a renewable energy development company, with a particular interest in on-shore wind energy developments. Ecopower’s electricity trading company, Ecopower Supply, secured an Electricity Supply Licence from the CRU in 2011 and it recently started supplying electricity to homes around Ireland.

The company is wholly owned and managed from offices in Kilkenny.

Ecopower generates 100% green, renewable energy from its five wind farms in operation around Ireland. With 43 wind turbines, Ecopower generates enough wind energy to supply 60,000 homes with electricity!

Ecopower’s electric bike draw

One of the benefits of signing up to Ecopower is its unique electric bike draw. If you sign up for an energy plan from the supplier you could be in with the chance of winning an electric bike worth €2,500 four times a year!

All new and existing customers are automatically included in Ecopower’s quarterly bike draw, with draws being held at the end of March, June, September and December. 

If you sign up today, you could be in with a chance of winning in September’s draw!

What tariffs are on offer from Ecopower?

Ecopower is currently offering a number of different energy tariffs to suit a variety of consumers. 

Ecopower 25% Discount Price Plan

With this variable rate tariff, new customers who sign up can get a 25% discount off Ecopower’s standard rates. There are rates of just 17.71 cents per kWh, including VAT on offer with this 12-month contract.

You can learn more about this deal and sign up here.

Ecopower Standard Smart Tariff (SST) 25% Discount Electricity

If you already have a smart meter installed, you could avail of 25% off Ecopower’s Standard Smart Tariff unit rates. With this 12-month price plan, Ecopower offers unit rates across three time periods. 

There are day rates on offer of just 19.33 cents per kWh and night rates available of just 9.8 cents per kWh, including VAT.

You can learn more about this smart meter tariff and sign up here.

For both tariffs, Ecopower requires payments to be made by direct debit, which is pretty much standard across all suppliers these days. It’s also important to note that an early exit fee of €50 also applies if customers decide to leave before their contract is up.

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