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Virgin Mobile launches €5 a month SIM-only deal

Virgin Mobile launches €5 a month SIM-only deal
Daragh Cassidy

Daragh Cassidy

Head Writer

New mobile offer comes amid cut-throat competition in the mobile sector.

There is an endless supply of good value SIM-only deals on the market right now for every type of phone user and Virgin Mobile has only gone and added to it!

The mobile operator is now offering its cheapest ever SIM-only deal to customers, in a bid to recapture sales lost to rival operators no doubt.

Here's the info on everything you need to know...

What’s on offer?

Virgin Mobile is offering unlimited mobile for everyone for only €5 a month for six months as part of its new SIM-only deal.

As the name implies, the deal gives customers unlimited calls, texts and data to any network for just a fiver.

After the first six months are up, the price will revert to €25 a month, which is still fairly reasonable in our opinion! 

What's more, it’s all on a 30-day rolling contract meaning you can cancel at any any time - either during the first six months or after. 

Mobile Loyalty Unlimited Plan

Mobile Loyalty Unlimited Plan

  • Unlimited mobile calls
  • Unlimited mobile data
  • SIM card only
  • 1 month contract
TV channels
First year cost
Monthly cost
Monthly cost

Anything else?

A fair usage policy of 80GB applies to your data allowance. This means any usage over 80GB a month will result in limited speeds - however you won’t be cut off. Virgin says it’ll notify you to make sure you don’t go over your allowance. So when 80% of your data has been used, you’ll receive a warning by text message, and again once 100% of your allowance has been reached.

That said, 80GB will be more than sufficient for the vast, vast majority of people, provided you are only using the data on your phone. 

And while none of us are travelling much these days, when the Covid pandemic finally subsides and you want to hit the beach somewhere warm, you’ll have 11.7GB of EU roaming data a month to enjoy.    

And if you’ve friends or family abroad, for another €5 a month, you can add on 500 international minutes a month to The UK or 350 international minutes a month to The USA, Canada and 44 other European countries.

Who can sign up?

This new deal is open to everyone - including existing customers of Virgin Media. But you must sign up before 30th November!

Is the Virgin Mobile network any good?

Virgin Mobile offers great value but a common question people have is around the quality of its network. The good news is that Virgin Mobile uses Three’s network. This means you get access to one of the biggest networks in Ireland which gives 99.9% population coverage for voice calls, 99% coverage for 3G data services and 97.6% for 4G data services.

Three is currently rolling out its 5G network, which is available to direct customers of Three on more expensive plans.

Virgin Mobile customers don’t have access to the 5G network right now, however this really isn’t an issue in our opinion as most of us don’t have 5G enabled phones yet anyway, while 5G is still only available in very limited locations. 

Switching is super easy

Switching is super easy - and you can bring your current mobile number with you. Just order your SIM today, and once you receive it you can register or sign in to your My Virgin Media account to move your number to your new Virgin Mobile SIM. With just a few simple steps you’ll be switched over in a matter of minutes! 

Not the only offer in town 

This new SIM-only offer isn’t the only super cheap deal available right now of course.

GoMo, a subsidiary of Eir, is offering a similar package for €12.99 a month for life and 48, a subsidiary of Three, is offering a deal for €7.99 a month until early January. So lots to choose from...

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