Great value broadband deal on offer from Vodafone
Daragh Cassidy
Head Writer

For a limited time Vodafone is offering new and existing customers a €10 a month discount on its broadband deals.

Here at we're always on the lookout to help our customers save money.

And Vodafone has come out with a great value broadband deal which does just that! 

Here's a look at what's on offer...

Discounted Vodafone broadband deal 

Vodafone is currently offering a €10 a month discount on its broadband deals for six months. 

This means that, depending on your location, you could get 500Mbps, pure-fibre, unlimited broadband for just €30 a month for six months.

You'll also get free activation.

After the six months are up, the price only rises to €40 a month.

The contract length is 12 months so this gives a total first-year cost of just €420. 

And after your one-year contract has ended, your broadband won't shoot up dramatically in price. It'll remain at just €40 a month (subject to a price increase in April each year based on the rate of inflation plus 3%). 

This makes Vodafone's broadband and TV services particularly good value compared to the rest of the competition over two and three years. You can read more about Vodafone's new pricing here

Vodafone's new broadband offer is available to both new AND existing customers. So if you're a Vodafone customer who's currently on an older, more expensive broadband plan (and who is out of contract) then you can sign up to this deal too!  

Get more with Vodafone 

If you want TV, you can also add a TV package with close to 100 TV channels to any of Vodafone's broadband deals for an extra €25 a month.   

And for a small additional fee (currently €5 per month) you can sign up to Vodafone Always Connected, which is a 4G backup for your broadband. If your broadband experiences an interruption, it will automatically switch to the 4G Vodafone mobile network using your Vodafone Always Connected device. All of your personal devices will stay connected to the internet without you needing to do anything. And when the issue is resolved, it switches back to your fixed-line broadband network as normal.

You can also avail of Vodafone's Super Wi-Fi extenders to increase the reach of your signal throughout your home. While most standard Wi-Fi extenders come with an upfront hardware cost, Vodafone's Super Wi-Fi is sold as an add-on to your broadband that you can cancel at anytime and costs just €5 per month. 

Switch and save on your broadband 

While the process can seem daunting, switching is the easiest way to save money on your monthly bills and beat the rising cost of living. 

That’s because suppliers always reserve their best deals for new customers, and being loyal to your provider isn’t likely to result in the best value.  

You can compare broadband providers and switch easily on - and the best news is that it’s free! 

Compare the major broadband suppliers here. Just enter your address or eircode and we'll take it from there.  

Unsure about how to compare and switch broadband providers? Don’t worry, our broadband Quickstart Guide has you covered.