Sky to hike its broadband and TV prices
Daragh Cassidy
Head Writer

Hundreds of thousands of Sky broadband and TV customers will see their bills increase from April.

Over the past year or so households have been faced with ever-increasing prices for their gas and electricity, their food, as well as things like rent.

And unfortunately, broadband and TV customers haven't been spared from the price hikes either with Sky joining the increasingly long list of providers to announce an increase to their services.

What’s happening with Sky?

Sky is hiking the price of its broadband and TV packages for existing customers from April. 

It says the average price increase is 5.1% or €4.51 per month. Though some hikes will obviously be higher. However, Sky says it will cap the maximum hike to €7 per month.

According to Sky, this is its first TV price increase since 2021 and the first time it’s increased its broadband prices since 2018.

And while the increase is still well below the rate of general inflation, and below the 8.1% price hike reported for the UK, it’ll be cold comfort to families who have had to contend with record gas, electricity and food price hikes over the past year or so. 

Of course, Sky isn’t the only telecoms provider that’s been upping its prices of late…  

Price hikes across the broadband and TV sector

Since 2021 all the main telecommunications providers have ‘mysteriously’ started copying each other. 

In 2021 Three announced that it would increase the monthly charge on its billpay plans by 4.5% every year, in April, for new customers and those upgrading or signing new contracts. And last year both Vodafone and Eir announced that they will increase their plans by the rate of inflation plus 3% every year, taking effect every April too. This means price hikes of over 10% are due to be implemented by both providers in a few weeks' time... 

And recently Netflix announced plans to crack down on password sharing, meaning thousands of users in Ireland will soon be forced to fork out for a new subscription.  

Speaking about the news, a Sky spokesperson had this to say: 

“We always strive to keep costs as low as possible, while providing the best choice and services. We have seen significant increases in costs and, where possible, we have absorbed those costs to limit the impact to our customers. That is why we didn’t increase our prices last year. We know price increases are never welcome, particularly in the current economic landscape, but hope our customers can see that we continue to deliver the most innovative products and best entertainment experience.”

What are my options?

You could always try haggling with Sky or perhaps accept the price hike but negotiate an upgrade for accepting it.

Sky is definitely one of the better companies for treating its existing customers well so you may be able to come to some type of agreement.

However, the best thing is to switch and save! 

Switch to the best broadband and TV deal on the market 

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Find out more 

If you're thinking of switching broadband or TV provider, check out our guide that highlights the most important things to keep in mind when changing. 

Also, Sky recently launched a great new service called Sky Glass. Check out our review of the service here.  

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