How to switch broadband provider in a few simple steps
Daragh Cassidy
Head Writer

Switching broadband providers doesn't have to be daunting. Just follow these simple steps and you'll be set up in no time.

This is the third guide in our seven-part guide series on how to switch broadband, TV and phone supplier on

In this guide, we'll walk you through the switching process step-by-step, so you're aware of everything you need to know in order to complete it successfully. 

You can find the other guides in the seven-part series linked at the bottom of this article.

The switching process 

Depending on what broadband provider you choose to go with, the switching process will differ slightly. 

If you choose to move to Virgin Media, you'll be able to complete the switching and purchasing process with us in one go. However, if you select any of the other providers you will have to submit some personal information in order to receive a callback from them. 

Your future provider will then ring you to ensure you are eligible for their service and then finalise any payment details with you over the phone. 

So with that in mind, let’s jump into the switching process. 

Step 1 - Provide us with your details 

Tell us who your current provider is

Select the name of your current provider from the drop-down list. 

Input your personal information 

Next, we’ll need some personal information about you, including: 

  • Your full name 
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile number
  • Your home telephone number 
  • Your current address

    Extra questions new Virgin Media customers are required to answer

    For those of you moving to Virgin Media, you are required to provide some extra information in order to complete your broadband purchase. 

    You must submit extra details on: 

    • Your Job: You must provide information on your employment status, occupation and the length of time you’ve spent in this particular job.
    • Your date of birth: You must be over 18 years of age to get a contract with Virgin Media.
    • New equipment: Indicate whether you would like your new equipment installed by a Virgin Media employee at an extra cost.
    • Your accommodation: You must provide your current address, the type of accommodation it is, and how long you have lived there. 

    Your bank details 

    To finalise your order with Virgin Media you must submit certain bank details such as: 

    • The name of the account holder. This may be in a single or joint name.
    • Your IBAN or your Bank Sort Code and account number. 

    Step 2 - Answer any final questions 

    Before you complete your broadband order, you’ll have to answer some final questions. 

    Tell us if you want to join our email list and if you want to save your details with us for the next time you visit our site. 

    Lastly, click the ‘Place my order’ button. By doing this, you’re agreeing to the terms and conditions set out by your new provider and allowing them to contact you in regards to your new broadband deal. 

    Whereas if you are switching to Virgin Media, you are agreeing to their contract summary and their terms and conditions. 

    Step 3 - Confirmation page for all networks 

    You will then be brought to a confirmation page, indicating that your order with Virgin Media or your request for a callback with one of the other broadband suppliers, is now being processed. This page will also provide you with your reference order number. 

    If within 14 days of ordering your new broadband package with Virgin Media you change your mind, you are free to cancel it. This is the same for the other providers also. 

    However, if you have only requested a callback from the other providers to inquire about switching suppliers, and have not provided them with any card details, you can inform them during your callback that you are no longer interested. 

    To learn more about the cooling-off period and cancelling your broadband connection read this guide. 

    What’s next? 

    Step 4 - Receive a call from your new supplier

    Once you place your order with your new supplier, you'll receive a call from them.

    During this call, your new supplier may carry out a few simple tests to confirm that their broadband service is available at your address and that you have access to the network their service is on. They will also discuss:

    • Delivery options for your new WiFi and/or TV equipment
    • The installation process
    • Any fees associated with the installation of equipment or cables
    • The payment process
    • What WiFi speed you can expect to have

    You can then decide if you would like to proceed with this broadband switch or not. If you decide to make the switch, then you will be brought onto the next step…

    Step 5 - Cancel the service with your old provider

    Once you've received a confirmation call and email from your new supplier, it's time to cancel your broadband connection with your existing provider. 

    You'll need to contact your current provider yourself as neither your new supplier nor can do this for you. 

    You must give your existing provider at least 30 days' notice. 

    We recommend you contact them AFTER your new broadband service is up and running. Although this means you will end up being charged for two concurring broadband connections during your first month, it will guarantee continuity of service. 

    Most suppliers won’t accept a cancellation request through social media so you’ll usually need to call them directly or write to them. 

    The cancellation numbers for the main broadband and TV providers are: 

    Bear in mind that if you're still within your broadband contract when you choose to switch, you may be subject to cancellation fees.

    Step 6 - Return any old equipment that you may have 

    Once your service has been cancelled your old supplier will send you a letter or email with details on how to return your broadband and TV equipment. 

    This equipment must be sent back within 30 days of your broadband cancellation date. 

    Please ensure you include all cables, power adapters and home plug extenders as well as anything else you may have been asked to return.

    Compare broadband deals on 

    Now that you have gotten to grips with the broadband switching process, head over to our broadband comparison page to discover the best deal on the market for you. 

    Simply enter your address into our broadband availability checker to see what deals are available to sign up to in your area. You'll then be presented with a series of results that you can review and compare against each other. 

    On we also offer a range of comparison tools that will help you cut the cost of your energy bills, banking fees, and insurance expenses. 

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