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7 ways to speed up your broadband connection

7 ways to speed up your broadband connection

With so many people relying on internet access for communication, information and entertainment, it is important that broadband connections are secure, reliable and as fast as possible. From updating your browser to re-positioning your router, here are 7 ways to speed up your broadband connection.

Test your speed

Your first step in getting faster broadband is to check the speed of your existing connection. This can easily done on our Broadband Speed Test page.

Speeds may vary at different times of the day, depending on how many users are connected to the network so it is recommended that you test your speed at a few different times to get as accurate view as possible.

Update your browser

Browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari are constantly being updated to increase performance. Ensuring that you are using the latest version of your browser will help maximise your connection speed.

When it comes to browsers, it is generally accepted that newer is better.

Reposition your router

The position of your router can have a big impact on the broadband speed you achieve.

The closer you and your device are to your home’s router, the faster your connection will be. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to place your router in or near the room in which your internet usage is most frequent.

Free your router from obstructions

Your broadband speed will also be helped by placing your router in an elevated, clutter-free position to allow for an evenly-distributed signal.

Electrical appliances such as baby monitors and microwaves can affect your router’s signal, as can things such as thick walls and doors. In order to have as little interference as possible, try to place your router in the direct line of view of your principle browsing spot, whether that’s an office chair at a desktop computer or a comfy couch with a tablet or smartphone on the coffee table.

Secure your network

If you have wireless broadband, the first thing you need to do is secure your network. If you leave your network open, unauthorised users can take up some of your bandwidth and also open your connection to potentially malicious software or users.

For more on this, read our guide on Everything You Need To Know About Internet Security

Install anti-virus software

Besides protecting your device from malicious software, anti-virus software can actually help improve your broadband connection.

Certain types of malware can run on your device and eating up bandwidth. But anti-virus software will put a stop to that so that your precious bandwidth is yours and yours only.

Switch providers

If you take all these steps, you may still find that your broadband connection is still slower than you would like it to be. If this is the case, then it’s time for you to consider switching.

To find out which broadband is right for you, check out our How Do I Switch Broadband Providers or Compare Home Broadband pages.


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