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How long have you been putting switching your household utilities on the long finger? Worried that it’s going to be more hassle than it’s worth? Well rest assured, we’re here to put your mind at ease. Whether it’s your energy supplier, broadband, phone & TV provider, your mortgage lender and beyond, we want to do your breaking for you!

One of the most inconvenient, needless to say, most boring parts of being an adult is having to take care of a litany of household bills that we’d rather not think about on a daily basis. In fact, the less time spent thinking about them the better!

At we’re all about making things like switching consumer service providers to make sure you’re always on the best deal for you as easy and as hassle-free as possible!

In this article, we’ll give you a refresher on just how easy it is to use to switch broadband, phone & TV providers, energy suppliers as well as mortgage lenders.

No one likes that awkward cancellation conversation. Compare providers and deals to find the best one for you, then let us take the wheel and do your breaking up for you!


Broadband, Phone & TV  

Fed up with super slow broadband speeds when you’ve been advertised just the opposite?

Find you’re paying far too much for a landline connection you rarely use?

Looking to upgrade your TV package so you can kick back to some premiere live sports in the comfort of your own home rather than trekking down to the pub every time you want to watch a match?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it might be time to break up with your current provider and find a better deal.

On you can compare all broadband, phone & TV deals including details of price plans, broadband download speeds, TV channel packages, landline packages, bundle options and any perks that come with a particular deal, across all major providers on the Irish market.

There is some great value to be found on the market right now, with both Virgin Media and Vodafone offering compelling January sale deals. Better hurry though, there’s just a week left to snap these offers up before they revert to standard pricing!

Gas & Electricity

If there’s any household utility you should make a habit of reviewing and switching every year it’s your household’s energy bills.

Why? Simple. It pays to do so!

Lots of people are unaware that in a pretty saturated market (Ireland now has a total of 10 energy suppliers to choose from) suppliers find themselves in a position where they need to offer enticing sign-up incentives in order to attract new customers and drive up the competition.

This is good news for customers because it means that if you shop around you more than likely will find some great discounted sign-up offers and these typically last for the duration of 12 months (also typically the standard length of a contract). These discounts make for some significant savings on your energy bills.  

In fact, you could make an average saving of €379 right now by switching your gas and electricity from standard rates to the cheapest deals currently on offer.


When we think about switching service providers, switching providers for something as big as a mortgage is not something that pops into mind straightaway and the exceptionally low figures for people carrying mortgage switches in Ireland reflect this mindset.

Though just 777 borrowers switched or remortgaged in the third quarter of 2017, it represents a 15% growth on the year and it’s expected that those figures are only going to grow in 2018.   

In fact, experts at have predicted that switching will experience double-digit growth in the first six months of the year. This is because an increasing number of mortgage holders are becoming aware that switching to a lower rate can potentially save them thousands on the remainder of their loans!  

Check out this example to see what we mean:

A couple with €390,000 (LTV <80%) outstanding over 28 years on a 4% variable rate switched lenders to a 4 year fixed rate of 2.6% bringing monthly repayments down by €300, saving interest of €99,000 over the remaining term!

Like those figures? Why not compare mortgages right now and see how much you could save.

Looking for more info?

If you’d like to find out more about on any of our comparison services - which are not limited to those mentioned above but also cover health insurance, serious illness cover, personal loans, credit cards, prepaid cards and current accounts - you’ll find that each sector has its own dedicated price comparison calculator.

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