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Avant Money offering €1,500 cashback to Ulster Bank and KBC switchers

Mortgage customers of Ulster Bank and KBC can avail of €1,500 cashback by switching to Avant Money before the end of March 2022.

Only recently in the news for cutting its mortgage rates by up to 0.30%, Avant Money has now announced even more good news for mortgage customers looking to switch to one of its mortgage products.

The Spanish lender is offering cashback to the tune of €1,500 to customers who switch their mortgage from either Ulster Bank or KBC, which are both due to exit the Republic of Ireland over the next year or so.

Cashback has become a popular incentive, not only for first-time buyers, but also for switchers to help cover the legal fees involved in switching mortgage. And it has certainly become a popular feature in the Irish mortgage market in recent years.

So, how does the cashback deal from Avant Money work?

Cashback from Avant Money

Mortgage customers of Ulster Bank and KBC who switch to Avant Money can now get €1,500 cashback.

There are of course a few requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for the cashback offer.

Those looking to switch must do so between January 1st and March 31st 2022.

The switching incentive also only covers plain mortgage switches, in other words, applicants must not be looking to borrow any extra money.

And as mentioned you must be switching your mortgage from either KBC or Ulster Bank - mortgage switches from other banks can't avail of the €1,500 cashback incentive. For now at least.

Where can switchers sign up?

When Avant Money launched in Ireland it only made its mortgages available through a number of select brokers, in only a few specific locations across the country.

However, customers can now avail of its market-leading mortgage rates nationwide, from around 60 mortgage brokers in total.

Its latest cashback offer, however, is only available if people switch through select brokers, approximately 20 - of which is one!

Switch mortgages through!

If you do decide to switch your mortgage, you can submit an online enquiry through our new mortgage broker service and one of our experienced financial advisors will call you back to get your application started.

What’s more, you’ll be happy to hear that our mortgage broker service is completely free and is fully digital from start to finish, meaning your whole application can be carried out online from the comfort of your home. And it's completely paper-free too!

You can learn more about our mortgage broker service here.

To learn about how your mortgage application will be assessed, you can take a look at this guide.

Recent news from Avant Money

2021 was a busy year for Avant Money with a number of big announcements in the mortgage space.

In May the lender introduced Ireland’s lowest ten-year fixed rate at the time. However, at the beginning of December Avant cut its rates even further, by up to 0.30%. 

In the summertime it also shook up the mortgage market with the launch of its new 30-year fixed-rate loan - if you missed it you can read up on that story here.

Important mortgage information

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At we have plenty of useful information for mortgage customers to help guide you through the process of switching or applying for a mortgage as a first-time buyer.

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