Pinergy partners with Ohme to launch innovative new EV charging technology
Rob Flynn
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Smart energy supplier Pinergy has combined its time-of-use tariffs with the latest Electric Vehicle charging technology from Ohme to bring drivers cheaper charging solutions.

One of the main things consumers have to consider when planning to purchase an Electric Vehicle (EV) is how much it will cost, and not just in the short term.

Despite EVs doing away with having to purchase petrol and diesel at ever-increasing prices, drivers of EVs still have to make sure they have a competitive energy tariff to make sure their vehicle is charged at the right time and at the right price.

That's why the latest announcement from 100% renewable energy supplier, Pinergy, is sure to make a lot of drivers happy.

We take a look at the recent news below.

About Pinergy

Pinergy is an Irish-owned smart energy company that supplies electricity to the pay-as-you-go energy market. It provides 100% green electricity from sources such as wind, solar, as well as hydro power. 

Pinergy places an emphasis on smart energy technologies that help customers to monitor and control their electricity usage, with the overall goal of empowering people to be more sustainable and energy efficient.

What’s new?

Smart energy supplier Pinergy has officially launched its brand new partnership with Ohme, a specialist provider of smart charging technology for Electric Vehicles, which will see customers be able to sign up to Pinergy’s new EV charging tariff, completely separate from their home energy supply.

Pinergy already offers a range of energy packages for smart electric vehicle charging at home through ‘Pinergy Drive’ and is now offering a new time-of-use tariff.

The partnership will combine Ohme’s latest charging technology, which includes an intelligent charger and app, with Pinergy’s ability to supply time-of-use tariffs through its smart meter technology.

The launch of the new offering from Pinergy and Ohme coincides with World EV Day on 9th September, of which both companies are founding partners.

You can learn more about smart meter tariffs here in this blog post.

How does it work?

The Ohme charger and app works hand in hand with your energy tariff to find the best time of day to meet your charging needs. This may be at the lowest cost, the greenest charge, or a combination of both, according to Pinergy.

Ohme’s charging technology fits in perfectly with Pinergy’s time-of-use tariffs as the energy supplier has the unique ability to charge for electricity at variable prices at different times of the day, solely based on demand.

The technology from Ohme works by simply inputting your specific requirements on the Ohme app, which controls the charging cable. You then plug in your EV and leave the tech to do the rest.

The application will then automatically choose the right time to charge your vehicle when energy prices are at their lowest which means you know you won’t be paying out of pocket.

Alternatively, you can also choose a greener charge as outlined above, or even a combination of the two, and the smart tech will make sure and act accordingly.

For example, Pinergy can offer their customers an EV charge at a 70% discount between the hours of 2am and 5am. This works out at about €1 to charge for a range of around 150km.

Not only that, Pinergy and Ohme are also offering the first 100 Electric Vehicle customers who sign up to the offer a discounted Ohme cable at €300, which will revert to its normal price of €450 thereafter.

CEO at Pinergy, Enda Gunnell said: 

“We’re very excited to be working with Ohme on this new partnership. Using the Ohme intelligent cable in conjunction with Pinergy’s unique time-of-use tariffs offers EV drivers a fantastic opportunity, particularly those drivers who want to charge their vehicle at home. 

The future of electric vehicles in Ireland is huge and the potential for what Pinergy can do for its EV customers is very exciting and we’re looking forward to unveiling many more promising possibilities. We’re delighted to be a founding partner of World EV Day and look forward to continuing to deliver innovation solutions for our commercial and domestic customers.”

At the end of August, AIB announced it would be teaming up with Nissan to help drive an increase in the sale of electric vehicles - find out more here.

What else should I know?

While the majority of energy tariffs last for no longer than 12 months, this EV charging tariff from Pinergy comes on a 24 month contract, after which you’ll revert to the standard tariff.

The discounted unit rate applies from 2am to 5am, as stated above, at a cost of 5c (exc. VAT), while the standard unit rate is 18.38c (exc. VAT) at all other times of the day and night.

Additionally, Pinergy Drive offers complete energy packages for smart electric vehicle charging at home, in the workplace and in communal parking areas.  

However, Pinergy still hasn’t made any announcement regarding the latest price increases from a number of different suppliers announced last week.

Citing increased costs from the network operator, both Electric Ireland and PrepayPower increased the price of their electricity only last week, while Bord Gáis announced it would be freezing its prices until at least March 2021.

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