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Flogas increases discounts for second time in the space of two months

The new discounts have come at the right time as energy consumption in households is set to increase as a result of more people working from home.

As more and more people plan to work from home over the coming days and weeks due to the coronavirus, it’s inevitable that home heating and energy systems will be put to task.

However, just because more energy will be used doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to pay more. This is where Flogas comes in.

In a move certain to be welcomed by consumers, the natural gas and electricity supplier has decided to increase its cashback and gas discounts for the second time in the space of two months.

If you’re working from home and have a bit more time on your hands, why not check out these deals from Flogas and potentially save hundreds on your energy bills?

The details

Flogas has decided to increase the discount on its Spring Saver plan by another 2%, meaning customers who sign up will now receive a 30% discount on gas.

This is the second time in only two months that Flogas has increased the discount offered to customers, after announcing in early February its Spring Saver offers.

Alternatively, if you're looking for electricity only you can avail of the Flogas Electricity 30 tariff offering a 30% discount on your electricity bill.

In more welcome news the energy supplier has also increased its Dual Fuel Cashback offer from €200 to €225 for customers who sign up now.

This dual fuel bundle includes a 28% electricity discount, alongside a 20% gas discount - perfect for first-time buyers who might prefer having some cash back in their pockets.

If that wasn’t enough, Flogas additionally increased its Spring Saver Cashback tariff from €100 to €125, which offers customers a 20% discount on gas.

With home energy demand inevitably increasing with more people working from home, it might be well worth your while to look at switching energy suppliers - the average energy customer, if they switch today, could save up to €432 in the first year.

Who's eligible?

The great news is that these new offers are available to both new AND existing Flogas customers for sign up. Existing customers must, however, be out-of-contract before signing up.

Customers who sign up will be subject to a 12-month contract, which is pretty much standard these days, and must agree to pay by Direct Debit or else stump up a €250 security deposit.  

If you wish to change supplier within the contract period an early exit fee of €50 will apply, with dual-fuel plans subject to a €50 charge per fuel.

Switching makes a difference

There are currently hundreds, if not thousands of households around the country on energy tariffs that don’t reflect their needs. 

At we would always encourage our customers to take the time to look for the best deals out there. And while, rather unfortunately, loyalty no longer pays, it certainly does pay to shop around!

There are some great offers out there for both single-fuel and dual-fuel customers - so why not use our energy price comparison service today and see what you could save.

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Availing of any of the above tariffs is easy with You can sign up here today.

To check out any other available energy tariffs why not use our comprehensive energy price comparison tool.

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