Energy price war as Flogas announces bigger discounts on gas and electricity
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

The great deals across energy providers continue into the New Year with Flogas being the latest to offer great value.

The transition from winter to spring is arguably one of the prettiest times of the year when natural light has that recognisable ethereal shimmer, all the while remaining deceptively cold outside.

With that, there’s no feeling better than coming in from a long day to be greeted with a blanket of warmth from your pre-heated home. And that feeling is made even better when you know your heating bill isn’t going to be through the roof.

Thankfully you can rest easy this February as Flogas has extended that assurance with the announcement of bigger discounts across its gas and dual fuel plans as well as a new €100 cashback offer. 

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Who is Flogas?

Flogas is an Irish-owned company who supplies natural gas and electricity to over 35,000 residential and commercial customers in Ireland.

Employing over 200 people all over the country, Flogas Ireland Limited recently acquired the customers of Just Energy in an acquisition back in November of 2019.

What’s on offer?

Flogas has launched its new Spring Saver and Spring Saver Cashback deals which will see customers receive huge discounts on their energy bills when they sign up to any of the available plans.

With Flogas's new Spring Saver deal customers can enjoy a whopping 28% discount on their gas. Alternatively, if you're looking for electricity only you can avail of the Flogas Electricity 30 tariff offering a 30% discount on your electricity bill.

However if you'd prefer the lure of some cashback, then you can avail of its new Spring Saver Cashback deal instead, which offers €100 cashback when you sign up and a 20% discount on gas. 

If that wasn’t enough to entice you Flogas is now also offering a 30% discount on both gas and electricity with its Dual-Fuel 30/30 plan - so customers can continue to save big on their energy bills into the New Year.

And again, if you'd prefer a bit of money back into your pocket, you can choose the Dual-Fuel Cashback plan instead, with discounts of 28% and 20% on electricity and gas respectively and €200 cashback.

All deals are available exclusively right now on

Who's eligible?

The great news is that these new offers are available to both new AND existing Flogas customers for sign up. Existing customers must, however, be out-of-contract before signing up.

Customers who sign up will be subject to a 12-month contract, which is pretty much standard these days, and must agree to pay by Direct Debit or else stump up a €250 security deposit.  

If you wish to change supplier within the contract period an early exit fee of €50 will apply, with dual-fuel plans subject to a €50 charge per fuel.

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To check out any other available energy tariffs why not use our comprehensive energy price comparison tool.