Earth Day 2020: 4 of the best green energy deals
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Celebrate Earth Day by switching your gas and electricity to a more sustainable energy tariff.

Today is Earth Day, and it’s a rather special celebration because today marks its fiftieth anniversary. Back in 1970, which is not all that long ago, awareness was raised in response to the growing need for environmental and climate action. To this very day one of the lasting messages has remained: no action is too great or small when it comes to effecting environmental change.

In a nutshell, Earth Day is about recognising the need to protect the world and its inhabitants from environmental threats, including the drastic effects global warming has on climates and microclimates globally. Since 1970 that action has come in the form of political, cultural, and economic reforms.

Over the past 50 years, with thanks to vast improvements in sanitation, nutrition, and health, the physical well-being of humanity has categorically improved. However, the same cannot be said for our environment. As we speak the burning of coal remains the single biggest source of global temperature increases as the world transitions to renewable energy.

Despite Ireland’s coal usage decreasing by up to 44% in 2018, only 5.5% of the country’s home heating came from renewable sources that same year, against a 2020 target of 12%.

That’s why this Earth Day we’re highlighting some of the best renewable energy deals available to Irish customers who are looking to reduce their carbon emissions and help out the environment, one small step in helping to effect greater change.

Take a look at the green deals below!

SSE Airtricity: 1 Year Home Dual Fuel

SSE Airtricity prides itself on being the largest supplier of renewable electricity in Ireland, providing 100% green electricity to homes across the country, as well as natural gas.

SSE is offering new customers an enticing dual fuel offer with a 28% discount off its standard electricity rate, as well as a 23% discount off its standard gas rate in the first year of contract.

The average residential energy customer who switches to this SSE Airtricity tariff today could save up to €412 on their annual energy bill, not to mention helping to do their part in supporting reduction in carbon emissions.

With a total of 28 onshore wind farms on the island and a combined investment of over €2.5 billion in the development of sustainable energy to date, SSE has committed to ensuring a green energy future on the Emerald Isle.

You can read more here.

Iberdrola: Duel Fuel 18

The next renewable energy tariff is from Iberdrola, one of the newest energy suppliers to enter the Irish market within the last year, and is offering 100% renewable electricity to new customers who sign up to its dual fuel plan.

This dual fuel deal comes with an 18% discount off both its standard electricity and gas rates and is available all on a 12 month contract, which is pretty much standard these days.

Not only is this dual fuel tariff offering a tempting discount on gas and electricity, but if you choose to sign up you’ll receive an additional €140 in cash back.

Iberdrola provides electricity sourced from 100% renewable generation and the Iberdrola group has set itself the target of practically zero emissions in Europe by 2030, as well as being carbon neutral globally by 2050.

Read more about the tariff here.

Panda Power: Dual Fuel Discount Bundle

Panda Power is another green-centric electricity supplier offering big discounts for new customers who sign up.

With its Dual Fuel Discount Bundle Panda Power is offering 28% off both its residential gas and electricity rates for the full 12 months of contract, which amounts to a saving of just under €300 per year for the average dual fuel customer.

Customers can also look forward to receiving €125 in cash back when they sign up to this renewable dual fuel plan.

Read more about the tariff here.

Electric Ireland: Dual Value Saver

Last but not least is Electric Ireland who recently launched a 100% green electricity tariff for climate conscious customers, offering an 8.5% discount across its gas and electricity standard unit rates.

The dual fuel plan also includes a €250 welcome bonus, exclusive for customers who sign up online, with an estimated annual bill of €1641.

For those Electric Ireland customers who choose to go with a non-renewable tariff you can rest assured as almost 40% of the energy supplier’s output is now generated from renewables.

You can see all the available tariffs from Electric Ireland here.

Compare Green

With more and more energy suppliers now providing a green option it really does pay to be sustainable. However, the old principle of switching and saving still applies.

If you’re looking to cut your carbon emissions and reduce your impact on the environment why not compare green energy tariffs over on today using our easy-to-use comparison tool, it's only a click away!

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