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Are dual fuel offers better value than single supplier offers for gas and electricity?

Managing household bills is never a fun task and when it’s not price, the first thing we look for when choosing suppliers is probably ease of manageability. Paying one bill over managing multiple different ones is preferable for many of us, but do dual fuel deals offer better value over separate gas and electricity bills in the long term? bonkers.ie investigates…

So you’ve been thinking of switching gas and electricity suppliers to get a better deal, but where should you start? Not only are there now ten different suppliers on the Irish market to choose from, there also seem to be countless different plan types to decipher, and it can be very confusing trying to figure you out which one will cater best to your individual needs as a customer (of course, we make it super easy with our price comparison calculator, so be sure to check it out while we have you here!)

When it comes to dual fuel deals and assessing their long-term value, it essentially comes down to two different sensibilities; which do you value more? Saving more money or saving yourself hassle and stress?   

If saving money is your priority:

If you are looking to make the maximum amount of savings that you can from your switch, choosing to get your gas and electricity from separate suppliers will ultimately save you more money.

For example, let’s say you get your electricity from Electric Ireland and your gas from Bord Gáis; you’re on standard rates for both and you consume an average amount of both during the course of a year.

If you switch your electricity to Energia’s “Cheapest Electricity” tariff and your gas to Flogas’ “Direct Debit Discount” tariff you’ll make a combined saving of €317.52 in your first year (that’s a saving of €176.77 for electricity and a saving of €140.75 on your gas bill).   


If less hassle is your priority:

If you decide to go with a single supplier for both gas and electricity, and therefore only have one bill to keep track of, the best dual fuel savings come to a total saving of €297.85 with Energia’s “Cheapest Dual Fuel” plan in your first year.

Ultimately, it’s a difference of just €19.67 over the course of a whole year, so the case to go for a dual fuel deal is pretty strong!

What about cashback offers?

As touched on, the Irish energy market is very competitive, and many energy suppliers are offering substantial sums of account credit to customers to entice them to switch. In fact, right now, customers who switch strategically could pocket up to €250 - and that’s not including the savings that you can make from discounted rates. So, could you save even more by opting for a cashback offer over the cheapest discounted rates?

The short answer is yes; if you were to switch your gas to Electric Ireland and your electricity to Bord Gáis right now, you’d get €175 and €75 cashback, respectively. So, €250 in total. With the discounts associated with those price plans factored in, making this move could save a household on standard rates with average consumption €376 in year one.

And if you decided to go with a dual fuel offer, you could get €200 cashback with SSE Airtricity’s 1 Year Dual Fuel (Direct Debit & eBill) 10% Even Allocation deal and make a total saving of €317.18 once the discount of that price plan has been factored in (€200 + €117.18).

However, whether cashback offers will actually offer you long-term value as a customer will ultimately come down to your household’s size and particular consumption patterns. To learn more, check out our article on how to know when cashback offers are good value.


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