Sky Q Lite launches for Irish TV and broadband customers
Rob Flynn
Staff Writer

Q Lite combines a quality TV and broadband service for new customers at an affordable price, alongside all of the trappings one could expect from Sky.

If you’ve been looking for a pared-back TV and broadband deal for half the cost, today is your lucky day as Sky Ireland has recently launched its new Sky Q Lite offering.

The new service - also known as Sky TV Essentials - is the new basic TV and broadband package from the telecoms provider, offering customers access to over 100 channels, and high-speed broadband to boot at a reduced price.

So what are the specifics, and how much will it set you back? We look a little closer at the new service here.

Sky Q Lite: What’s included

With Sky Q Lite, customers can get access to Sky’s basic TV package which offers more than 100 free-to-air channels including RTÉ One and Two, Virgin Media One and Two, and BBC One and Two.

The new offering also includes either Sky’s Superfast broadband at 100Mbps or Ultrafast broadband at 500Mbps (depending on availability in your area). Customers can also choose to add a landline - Sky’s Talk Freetime - for an extra €5 per month.

And the cost is just €39 per month (€44 with home phone) on a 12-month contract! What’s not to like?

It’s worth noting that customers would normally pay €35 per month for Sky Superfast/Ultrafast broadband on its own, without any TV included. So it's not a bad deal at all.

What else should I know?

Firstly, the offer from Sky is available exclusively to new customers only unfortunately.

In terms of equipment, customers will get a brand new Sky Q box which means new TV customers will be able to pause, rewind and record live TV. Catch-up, voice control, and apps such as Netflix will also be available.

The box on offer is 1TB too, so plenty of room for recording and catching up on your favourite shows!

Another perk of being a Sky customer is having access to Sky Go, enabling you to watch free-to-air content on the move using a tablet or smartphone.


Add ons


Apps (Q only)

New basics pack

  • 100 free-to-air only
  • HD where applicable

Sky Signature

  • 200+
  • + Free to air
  • Kids
  • HD-UHD
  • Multiscreen
  • Ultimate TV

Fig. 1: Sky TV package comparison 

While Q Lite does offer a home phone for an extra payment of €5 monthly, the package can be taken without it.

However, if you’re big into sports or movies you will need to upgrade to Sky Signature TV to access premium add-on channels like Sky Cinema, Sky Sports, and non free-to-air channels like Sky Atlantic, which will cost you €11 extra a month.

Sky is always launching new products and deals for customers here in Ireland, with Sky Glass to be launched in August.

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